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Chaotic Comets Game made by CrossfireCam (

This repository contains the source code for Chaotic Comets, made in Unity and using C# as a scripting language. Feel free to peruse it.

For a playable game executable, please check out the the page: Or the 'Releases' tab in this repo. For builds of v1.1 and earlier, contact me.

The current public version is Version 1.3, this repo's develop branch is hosting changes working toward Version 1.4.

Timeline of Project Releases: November 2018 - b1.0 - Game shown at a university design show. Hosted on an online portfolio. March 2019 - v1.0 - Game brought online publicly, with v1.0 May 2019 - v1.1 - Updated to include music & particle effects. June 2019 - v1.2 - Improved enemy AI and add auto-saves / upgrade shop. June 2020 - v1.3 - New enemy, high score board, interactive tutorial, many other features.

I've been working on this project since October 2018. Since then, I've been working on features and fixing bugs in my spare time. Thanks in advance for trying my game, or just being interested in the code!


Repository for the source code of Chaotic Comets - a game created by CrossfireCam.



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