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@crossproduct42 crossproduct42 released this Sep 30, 2017 · 67 commits to master since this release

- Simplified Launcher
- Backend improvements (code cleaner, folders organized better)
- Dark Rooms are now indicated by a blue square if you do not have Lantern
	- If a dark room is POSSIBLE, but not necessarily known, it will be yellow
- Aesthetic improvements
	- Screen transition lines removed from MAP
	- Map quality improved!
	- Captions changed to sans-serif font for readability
- Agahnim tile added on the map
- Crystals 5 & 6 are now red to match current Randomizer version
- Some locations renamed changes
- Logic fixes
	- Pedestal item visible with Book
	- Glove required for Bumper Cave
	- Fire source required to complete Desert Palace
	- Moon Pearl "required" for Super Bunny chests
		- (Not required, but this is a sequence break. The tracker should reflect the game's item placement logic.)

- Logic updated to match VT8.26
	- Waterfall Fairy chest added
	- Mirror no longer required to save Dwarf or return Gary's lunchbox
	- Ether and Bombos Tablets items visible with Book
	- Glove no longer required to access escape side room
	- Dark rooms now exist in Light World
		- Lost Old Man
		- Escape Sewer Dark Room (new tile added!)
		- Eastern Palace
		- (Tower of Hera affected if no Flute)
	- Cape/Byrna "required" for Byrna Spike Cave
	- Cape/Byrna/MirrorShield "required" for Turtle Rock laser bridge room
- Open Mode compatibility option
	- Link starts with no Sword
	- All chests from Link's house to Sanctuary start as unopened
	- Glove is a possible requirement for Escape Side Room, depending on key placement
	- Sword requirements considered for medallions / curtains / bosses

- DLC icons and help maps no longer included in the package. They will be updated and released in the future.
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