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Basic Routing

Express routing definitions have the following pattern:


METHOD can be one of the get, post, put, delete, patch or all.


Respond with Hello World! on the homepage:

app.get("/") { request in
    return Action.ok("Hello World!")

Respond to POST request on the root route /, the application’s home page:"/") { request in
    return Action.ok("Got a POST request")

Respond to a PUT request to the /user route:

app.put("/user") { request in
    return Action.ok("Got a PUT request at /user")

Respond to a DELETE request to the /user route:

app.delete("/user") { request in
    return Action.ok("Got a DELETE request at /user")

Respond to all methods requests on the /user route:

app.all("/user") { request in
    return Action.ok("Got a " + request.method + " request at /user")

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