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Crosstalk packaging for Node.js projects
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Crosstalk packaging for node.js projects built on top of browserify.

crosstalkify uses an extension to browserify that is implemented in this fork.


Write an entry.js with require()s in it:

// use relative requires
var foo = require( './foo' );

// use Crosstalk requires
var self = require( 'self' );

// or use modules installed by npm into node_modules/
var uuid = require( 'prefixed-uuid' );

// global `crosstalk` variable is available
crosstalk.on( 'some.message', function () {
  crosstalk.emit( 'some.message.response' );

Now you can use crosstalkify command to build a worker file for upload that takes entry.js as it's entry point:

crosstak-project$ crosstalkify -o worker.js

All of the modules are included in the final worker.js, browserify-style.

worker.js is now ready for upload to Crosstalk Swarm along with it's package.json.


Usage: crosstalkify {OPTIONS}

  --outfile, -o    Write the crosstalkify bundle to this file.
                   If unspecified, crosstalkify prints to stdout.               
  --directory, -d  Project directory to crosstalkify.
                   The project directory is the one with package.json in it.
                   If unspecified, current working directory will be used.      
  --help, -h       Show this message    


For more information on what can be expected to work, see browserify.


With npm do:

npm install -g crosstalkify


npm test
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