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android_webview aw: Fix FBO restore bug Sep 23, 2016
blimp Revert "[Android]Use zh instead of zh-rTW as output folder of zh_TW t… Aug 30, 2016
blink/tools Move run_webkit_tests.* script into their new home. Oct 10, 2014
build [Backport][Windows] Pass "/MD" and variants outside the "runtime_libr… Oct 11, 2016
build_overrides [Backport] gn: Remove unnecessary v8 defaults Oct 11, 2016
cc Change GPU Tile rounding to 32 Aug 22, 2016
chrome [Backport] gn: Remove unnecessary v8 defaults Oct 11, 2016
chrome_elf Revert of Switch chrome_elf exception handling from breakpad to crash… Jun 30, 2016
chromeos Accelerometer: find trigger name Aug 26, 2016
components Revert of Re-enable rate limiting for Windows Crashpad (patchset #1 i… Sep 23, 2016
content Revert "Replace WebAudio MediaCodec usage with FFmpeg" commit Oct 25, 2016
crypto Make callers of FromUTC(Local)Exploded in crypto/ use new time API. Jun 29, 2016
dbus Use ThreadTaskRunnerHandle::Get() in dbus. Jun 21, 2016
device [Temp] Only depend on devices/vr when enable_webvr is on. Oct 11, 2016
docs clang update docs: Update bot names (mac bots now use gn by default) Jun 27, 2016
extensions [Extensions] Refcount extensions in IconImage Sep 6, 2016
gin [Backport] gn: Remove unnecessary v8 defaults Oct 11, 2016
google_update Add GCAPI to the GN build. Oct 7, 2015
gpu Disable NV12 DXGI video on AMD Sep 6, 2016
headless Migrate RenderProcessHost, ChildThread to InterfaceRegistry/Provider Jun 26, 2016
infra Add Mac, Win builders back to the CQ for extra coverage. Jun 29, 2016
ipc Add helper function to generate a pair of ChannelHandles for ChannelM… Jun 30, 2016
jingle Fixup ChromeOS enrollment and renderer p2p sockets Jun 27, 2016
media Revert "Replace WebAudio MediaCodec usage with FFmpeg" commit Oct 25, 2016
native_client_sdk "up-to-date" should only use hyphens when used as compound modifier o… Jun 14, 2016
net [Backport] gn: Remove unnecessary v8 defaults Oct 11, 2016
ppapi Make PpapiHostMsg_PPBGraphics3D_EnsureWorkVisible async Jun 29, 2016
printing Remove Simplify Page option from Print Preview Jun 29, 2016
rlz Remove calls to deprecated MessageLoop methods in rlz. Jun 22, 2016
sandbox Merge M53: Made setting lowbox token a warning. Aug 24, 2016
sdch Un-nest configs in GN files. Sep 2, 2015
services Fix nullptr dereference in service catalog Aug 29, 2016
sql Updates SQL code now that mmap is supported on iOS. Jun 21, 2016
storage [GN] Add //build/config/compiler:wexit_time_destructors everywhere it… Jun 28, 2016
styleguide/c++ Add base::get to support rvalue-reference tuple Jun 24, 2016
sync [Sync] Fix behavior when there are two type roots for a type Aug 17, 2016
third_party [DevTools] handle navigation after console.log Sep 24, 2016
tools Fix build on Windows when using components build. Oct 7, 2016
ui Page Visibility API: visibilitychange on Windows screen lock/unlock Oct 11, 2016
url Add content ID scheme to //url/url_constants.* Jun 27, 2016
.clang-format Add more macros to .clang-format's MacroBlock{Begin,End} options. Jul 17, 2015
.git-blame-ignore-revs Add "Remove OwnPtr from Blink" to git hyper-blame ignore list. Jun 27, 2016
.gitattributes Stub to prevent VS2013 from creating unwanted .gitattributes. Feb 19, 2014
.gitignore [Windows] Support RealSense Cameras Oct 11, 2016
AUTHORS [Backport] gn: Remove unnecessary v8 defaults Oct 11, 2016 Code of conduct had windows-1252 encoding. Mar 1, 2016
DEPS Publish DEPS for Chromium 53.0.2785.143 Sep 25, 2016
LICENSE Happy (belated) New Year, 2015 edition! Jul 27, 2015
OWNERS Revert of Move static GL binding initialization to //ui/gl/init. (pat… Jun 27, 2016 [Android] Remove android_chromium_gn_compile_{dbg,rel} from the CQ. May 20, 2016 [Closure Externs] Fix presubmit check May 2, 2016
WATCHLISTS Remove myself from some watchlists. Jun 24, 2016
codereview.settings Update CL description by adding CQ_EXTRA_TRYBOTS for Telemetry changes. Apr 27, 2015

Chromium docs

This directory contains chromium project documentation in Markdown. It is automatically rendered by Gitiles.

Style guide

Markdown documents must follow the style guide.

Previewing changes

You can preview your local changes using md_browser:

# in chromium checkout

To review someone else's changes, apply them locally first:

# in chromium checkout
git cl patch <CL number or URL>