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The deb support backend for command line tools to create and package Crosswalk applications. The license for this project is Apache License Version 2.0, please refer to the LICENSE-APACHE-V2 included with the package.

Crosswalk-app-tools is in very early stages of development, and not suitable for use in a production environment. "Releases" and announcements are made available as a technology preview only. No packages are being published at this time, but git tags serve as reference points for release milestones.


Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian testing are the only tested platform. Node.js, the debuild tool, the Crosswalk runtime, and git must be functional.

  1. Download Crosswalk app tools: git clone
  2. Initialize the Crosswalk app tools: cd crosswalk-app-tools, then npm install
  3. Checkout the deb backend: cd node_modules, then git clone crosswalk-app-tools-backend-deb
  4. Install dependencies: cd crosswalk-app-tools-backend-deb, then npm install, and cd ../..
  5. The main script is crosswalk-app-tools/src/crosswalk-app. Set environment PATH or invoke with directory.


crosswalk-app create set up a skeleton project in directory It will import Crosswalk template, and put a sample "hello world" web app under

Then, you can put your web application resources in

cd move to the project root.

crosswalk-app build: build the web app, The package Foo-version.deb will end up under pkg/.

That's all for now.


This is a very simple package tool prototype for Linux Crosswalk, and is planning to merge into Crosswalk App tools.