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Crosswalk extensions to support detachable keyboards and other 2:1 use cases.
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Crosswalk Extensions for "two-in-one" hybrid Laptop/Tablet Devices

Crosswalk extensions to support laptops with detachable or foldable keyboards. Currently only Windows versions 8.x and 10 are supported.

Build and run demo from source

Required dependencies are Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and Git for Windows.

  • Create a directory to hold everything. We will refer to the absolute path of this directory using the <crosswalk> placeholder in the future.
> mkdir crosswalk
> cd crosswalk
> dir

 Directory of <crosswalk>

22/03/2016  15:02    <DIR>          crosswalk64-19.49.514.4
22/03/2016  14:38        37,911,343
  • Clone the repository.
> git clone
> cd crosswalk-extensions-twoinone
  • Open twoinone-windows\twoinone.sln in Visual Studio 2015 and build the solution.

  • Enter demo dir and run the demo. Replace <crosswalk> with the absolute path to the newly created root directory for this crosswalk extension from step 1.

> cd demo-posture
> ..\..\crosswalk64-19.49.514.4\xwalk.exe --external-extensions-path=<crosswalk>\crosswalk-extensions-twoinone\twoinone-windows\bin\Debug --enable-inspector --enable-logging -v=1 app\manifest.json
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