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This is a collection of GitHub web hook handlers used by the Crosswalk project.

There are no templates because we just process events sent by GitHub and do not need to show anything to users directly.


This application receives pull request events and talks to Buildbot so that a patch is processed by our slaves whenever it is sent or updated. The results are then posted back to the pull request as a comment.

Slow actions such as posting those comments are done asynchronously, as they would otherwise block critical sections of the code. Instead, we rely on custom commands that are run at any later time to do any sort of required processing.

For example, one could have a cron job that calls

python sync_trybot_status

to update the pull request status on GitHub every N minutes.


This application watches the creation and closing of pull requests, and updates JIRA® tickets based on the occurence of certain keywords in the pull request message.

JIRA® is an Atlassian trademark.

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