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Crosswalk Project for iOS
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Crosswalk Project for iOS

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Crosswalk Project for iOS is a sub-project of Crosswalk, it aims to provide a web runtime to develop sophisticated iOS native or hybrid applications.

  • Extended WKWebView

    Crosswalk Project for iOS is built on top of WKWebView, the mordern WebKit framework debuted in iOS 8. We extend the WKWebView to build Crosswalk extension framework within. For the detailed information you may refer to Embedding Mode & WKWebView.

  • Crosswalk Extension Framework

    Extension is a way to extend the ability of Crosswalk runtime. You can write your functionalities in both Swift and Objective-C codes and expose it as a JavaScript function or object. All JavaScript stub codes can be generated automatically under the hood based on the native interface. For more information please refer to Crosswalk Extension.

  • Cordova Plugins Support

    To leverage existing Cordova plugins, a Cordova extension is provided to simulate Cordova environment. You only need to place source files of Cordova plugins into your project and register the classes of plugins in the manifest. For more information please refer to Cordova Plugins Support.

System Requirement


  • iOS SDK 8+
  • Xcode 6+


  • iOS 8+

Quick Start

You can refer to the Getting Started Guide, following the quick start demo to create a Crosswalk hybrid application with a simple extension support. You can also refter to other articles on the project Wiki.


  • Follow the crosswalk-help mailing list to ask questions

  • Follow the crosswalk-dev mailing list for development updates

  • Find us on IRC: #crosswalk on


There is a built-in demo in the project:

  • Sample

    A simple demo which shows the basic ways of XWalkView embedding, Crosswalk Extension implementation, configuration of extension and application, etc.

And there are two Cordova extension demos in iOS Extension Crosswalk project:

Follow the Quick Start instruction of iOS Extension Crosswalk project to build and run the demos.


Crosswalk Project for iOS is available under the BSD license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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