Webapi support on different versions

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This page is intended to document what Android versions Web APIs(SysApps) can work on.


Category API Supported on Android versions
Presentation navigator.presentation >= Android 4.2
DeviceCapabilities CPU xwalk.experimental.system.getCPUInfo() >= Android 4.0
DeviceCapabilities Memory xwalk.experimental.system.getMemoryInfo() >= Android 4.0
DeviceCapabilities Display xwalk.experimental.system.getDisplayInfo() >= Android 4.2
DeviceCapabilities Storage xwalk.experimental.system.getStorageInfo() >= Android 4.1
Contacts xwalk.experimental.contacts >= Android 4.0
Messaging xwalk.experimental.messaging >= Android 4.0

Notes: Even if a device is installed with Android 4.2, it doesn't mean all new features in Android 4.2 are already supported. For example, Presentation API introduced from Android 4.2 can't work on ZTE Geek Phone(Android 4.2.2) because hardware doesn't support it.

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