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A demo application to showcase Crosswalk's features and APIs
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DemoExpress is a central place to collect web feature samples that demonstrate use of W3C standard APIs, embedding APIs, and web runtime features. The following samples are published in DemoExpress.

  • Embedding API (Java):
    • XwalkView Basic: LayoutActivity, MultiInstanceActivity, OnHideOnShow, VersionAndAPIVersion, MultiSurfaceViews, MultiTextureViews, SetZOrderOnTop, ClearCache, ClearCacheForSingleFile, ZoomInAndOut, SaveState, SetLanguage, Transparent, SetInitialScale, EncodingDisplay, MultiInstanceOverlay, WindowSecure
    • XwalkView Extened: InputConnection, DispatchKeyEvent, DispatchDraw, OnTouchEvent, FocusChanged, ScrollChanged, SizeChanged, VisibilityChanged, WindowFocusChanged, ClearFormData, WindowsVisibilityChanged, DisableLongClick, .extended.BlankWindowForVisibilityTesting, LongClick, RequestFocus, NetworkAvailable
    • XwalkUIClient & XwalkResourceClient: ResourceAndUIClient, OnIconAvailableOnReceivedIcon, OnCreateWindowRequested, ShouldOverrideUrlLoading, Redirection, BlockAndErrorRedirection, OnReceivedLoadError, ClientOnRequestFocus, ConsoleLog, ReceivedTitle, ClientKeyEvent, ClientReceivedSSLError, OnUnhandledKeyEvent, OpenFileChooser, OnJavascriptModalDialog, OnJavascriptCloseWindow
    • MISC: Preferences, EchoExtension, DownloadListenerActivity, CookieManagerTest, AcceptFileSchemeCookies LoadMultiPages, XWalkViewHideAndShow, XwalkExtension, MultipleSurfaceViews, MultipleTextureViews
  • Web API & Feature:
    • Runtime & Packaging: App URI
    • Multimedia & Graphics: Animation Transform, Audio Play, Canvas, CSS Animation, CSS Style, CSS Style Attribute, Flexible Box, Media Queries, SVG Transformation, Transitions, Video Play, WebRTC
    • Networking & Storage: FileReader, IndexedDB, Session History, Web Database, Web Messaging, Web Speech, Web Storage
    • Performance & Optimization: Animation Timing, High Resolution Time, Navigation Timing, Performance Timeline, Resource Timing, Selectors, Typed Array, User Timing, Workers
    • Device & Hardware: Accelerometer, Browser State, Camera via UserMedia, Full Screen, Forms, HTML Template, Input, Notifications, Screen Orientation, Touch, WebAudio, WebGL
    • Experimental: Device Capabilities, Presentation, SIMD, FingerPrint
    • Security: Sandbox
    • UI: Clipboard
    • Android specific:
      • Device & Hardware: Battery Status, Camera, GamePad, Geolocation, Vibration
      • Performance & Optimization: Page Visibility
      • Third Party Framework: PDFjs
      • Scheme: SchemeContent, SchemesCheck
      • Manifest: ManifestDemo1, ManifestDemo2, ManifestDemo3, ManifestDemo4, ManifestDemo5
      • Cordova: CordovaInfo, CordovaAccelerometer, CordovaContacts, CordovaLazyLoadJS, CordovaNetwork, CordovaInAppBrowser, CordovaNotification,CordovaAdMob


The DemoExpress would be built out to 3 Apps:

  • webapi_demo: Web API Demo App, include webapi and web runtime feature samples.
  • webapi_cordova_demo: Web API Cordova Demo App, include web api and web runtime feature samples which packed with Crosswalk-cordova, also include cordova specific features.
  • embeddingapi_demo: Embedding API Demo App, include embedding api samples.

Here is the buiding steps:

  • Pack the webapi_demo based on Crosswalk Android binary:

    • Download Crosswalk binary from Crosswalk release.

    • Unzip Crosswalk binary:

      $ mkdir -p /[userdir]/tools/crosswalk/

      $ unzip crosswalk-<version\>.zip -d /[userdir]/tools/

      $ cd /[userdir]/tools/

      $ mv crosswalk-<version\>\* crosswalk/

    • The webapi_demo include the FingerPrint example by default, you need to get the FingerPrint extension from fingerprint extension

      $ unzip -d </path/to/samples/FingerPrint/fingerprint>

      If you want to authenticate with fingerprint, you need an Android device with touch id sensor and shipped with Android 6.0+ system.

    • Goto DemoExpress folder to pack demoexpress package:

      $ ./tools/ -t apk -m shared|embedded -a x86|arm --tools='/[userdir]/tools/'

  • Pack cordova webapi_cordova_demo Crosswalk Android binary,

    • Create "cordova_plugins" directory in /[userdir]/tools/:

      $ mkdir -p /[userdir]/tools/cordova_plugins

    • Git clone cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview from

      $ cd /[userdir]/tools/cordova_plugins/

      $ git clone

    • Create "extra_plugins" directory in /[userdir]/demo-express:

      $ mkdir -p /[userdir]/demo-express/crosswalk/extra_plugins/

    • Git clone cordova-admob-pro from $ cd /[userdir]/demo-express/crosswalk/extra_plugins/

      $ git clone

    • Rename cordova-admob-pro to cordova-admob: $ mv cordova-admob-pro cordova-admob

    • Configure the main-version(Crosswalk Version) and the crosswalk-branch(stable/beta) in the /[userdir]/demo-express/tools/VERSION file

    • Goto DemoExpress folder to Pack webapi_cordova_demo package:

      $ ./tools/ -t cordova -m shared|embedded -a x86|arm --tools='/[userdir]/tools/'

  • Pack embeddingapi_demo Crosswalk Android binary,

    • Ensure that you have set up your host environment for Android development.

    • Set up an Android target to deploy the application to, as described on the Android target setup page.

    • Ensure that you have installed the necessary ADT components for your host.

    • Download the Crosswalk WebView binary from Crosswalk release

    • Unzip the Crosswalk WebView binary:

      $ mkdir -p /[userdir]/tools/crosswalk-webview/

      $ unzip crosswalk-webview-<version\>-<arch\>.zip -d /[userdir]/tools/

      $ cd /[userdir]/tools/

      $ mv crosswalk-webview-<version\>\* crosswalk-webview/

    • Go back to DemoExpress folder to create the embeddingapi_demo package:

      $ ./tools/ -t embeddingapi --tools='/[userdir]/tools/'

  • The script calls the pack command from Android (for Crosswalk-Cordova apps and regular Crosswalk apps)

  • Run Crosswalk App on Andriod

  • [Develop Crosswalk Cordova App] (

  • [Embedding Crosswalk] (



  • File 'tests.xml' is provided to customize the samples in DemoExpress. Feel free to disable/enable the samples before packing the package.

  • Two sample lists, tests.embedding.xml are released for Android. The Cordova samples are disabled in by default.


Except as noted in COPYING and/or NOTICE files, or in files with a license in the file header, test suite source code uses a BSD-3-Clause license described in the LICENSE file.

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