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Crosswalk layer for OpenEmbedded and Yocto
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Yocto Layer for Crosswalk

This layer adds the packages necessary for adding support for Crosswalk Project to your Yocto distribution.

Supported Yocto Configurations


Ostro™ OS XT

Setup build environment

Please refer to Building Ostro™ OS XT to setup build environment, assuming the ostro-os-xt is checked out at /path/to/ostro-os-xt folder.

Build Ostro™ OS XT image with Crosswalk layer

Checkout the meta-crosswalk to local folder, assuming /path/to/meta-crosswalk.

Add the meta-crosswalk layer to /path/to/ostro-os-xt/build/conf/bblayers.conf

OSTRO_XT_LAYERS += "/path/to/meta-crosswalk"

In /path/to/ostro-os-xt/build/conf/local.conf:

Add Crosswalk security flags configuration include file by adding

require /path/to/meta-crosswalk/include/

Add Crosswalk dependent recipes as supported recipes by adding

SUPPORTED_RECIPES_append = " /path/to/meta-crosswalk/include/ostro-xt-supported-recipes.txt"

Install Crosswalk into Ostro™ OS XT image by adding

OSTRO_XT_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append = " crosswalk"

Build the Ostro™ OS XT image by executing

$ bitbake ostro-xt-image-noswupd

It would produce the image with Crosswalk binary.

Launch Crosswalk on Ostro™ OS XT image

Please refer to Installation onto platform's internal storage of Ostro™ OS XT to install the image to supported IoT device, e.g. Intel® Joule™ Module.

After device boots to desktop, launch Crosswalk app by

$ xwalk /path/to/app/manifest.json


Please see the LICENSE file for more information.

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