An HTML5 crossword solver that can handle JPZ files
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Crossword Nexus HTML5 Solver

An HTML5 crossword solver that can handle JPZ files in a browser.



zipjs -

jsPDF (optional) -


Basic usage example

var CrossWord = CrosswordNexus.createCrossword(parent, parameters);


CrossWord object adds listener to window. If you want to remove crossword from DOM - call remove function, that will remove all event listeners, then remove crossword;



Param Description
parent jquery-wrapped element, that will be parent for crossword
parameters javascript object

Available parameters

Name Default Description
hover_enabled false enables or disables cell hover effect
settings_enabled true enables or disables settings menu
color_hover #FFFFAA color for hovered cell
color_selected #FFA500 color for selected cell
color_word #FFFF00 color for selected word
color_hilite #FFFCA5 color for hilited word (when mouse over clue)
cell_size null (int) cell size in px. null or anything, that converts to 0, means 'auto'
puzzle_file null puzzle file to preload. If file set - list of puzzles and open button will not be shown
puzzles null array of puzzle_files, user will be able to load
savegame_name '' name of saved game, blank name is global to whole site
zipjs_path 'js/zip' path to zip.js files (this option is GLOBAL to all puzzles on same page)
skip_filled_letters true enables or disables skipping filled-in letters when filling grid

Each puzzle file must be object with 3 parameters:

Param Description
url Puzzle file url
type Type of puzzle file. Currently only .JPZ puzzles supported
name Puzzle name. Optional for puzzle_file parameter

With cell_size == 0, crossword will never be bigger than parent.


Multiple puzzles with settings enabled:

var params = {
  hover_enabled: true,
  settings_enabled: true,
  puzzles: [
        {name: 'Spring Fever Meets Spring Training', url: '/puzzles/puzzle1.jpz', type: 'jpz'},
        {name: 'American Values Club Crossword', url: '/puzzles/puzzle2.jpz', type: 'jpz'},
        {name: 'Crossword', url: '/puzzles/crossword_0415.jpz', 'type': 'jpz'},
        {name: 'Mini Crossword', url: '/puzzles/mini_0415.jpz', 'type': 'jpz'},
        {name: 'Mystery Crossword', url: '/puzzles/mystery_0415.jpz', 'type': 'jpz'},
        {name: 'Quick and Easy Crossword', url: '/puzzles/quick_0415.jpz', 'type': 'jpz'}
CrosswordNexus.createCrossword($('#crossword'), params);

Single puzzle with settings disabled and some custom colors:

var params = {
  hover_enabled: false,
  settings_enabled: false,
  color_selected: '#FF0000',
  color_word: '#FFFF00',
  cell_size: 32,
  puzzle_file: {url: '/puzzles/puzzle1.jpz', type: 'jpz'}
CrosswordNexus.createCrossword($('#crossword'), params);