A minimal OCaml daemon suitable to compile with xen-api.
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A minimal daemon that can be used as a starting point when implementing a daemon to run alongside xen-api.

Even this minimal daemon has a few dependencies, e.g. http-svr, stunnel, xml-light2, rpc-light, and camlp4. If the repository is cloned within the ocaml directory of xen-api, all of these dependencies should be satisfied.

Setting up with xen-api

  • Clone the repository within xen-api/ocaml.
  • Rename the repository's directory to <my_daemon>.
  • Remove .git, .gitignore, and README.md within the <my_daemon> directory.
  • Add <my_daemon> to .SUBDIRS variable in xen-api/ocaml/OMakefile.
  • Enter xen-api's chroot.
  • Enter xen-api's directory and compile it with make.
  • Enter the <my_daemon> directory.
  • Ensure that global variable OPTDIR is defined. If not, define it with export OPTDIR="".
  • Compile the daemon server by running omake daemon_server.
  • Compile the daemon client by running omake daemon_client.
  • Run the test by running omake test.