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NATBLASTER Quick Overview

The released Natblaster code is a proof-of-concept implementation of the
techniques developed and outlined in the paper:

NATBLASTER: Establishing TCP Connections Between Hosts Behinds NATS

to appear in the 2005 ACM SIGCOMM Asia Workshop.

This code is released without warranty.  It is a proof-of-concept
implementation.  If the natblaster approach for peer connectivity through
NATS/firewalls is used we highly recommend using your own implementation or
doing a code-review to ensure this implementation meets your standards.  This
code is released under the Apache 2 License, as specified at the top of each
source file.

libnet and libpcap are required to compile to peer code, they are not need if
the 3rd party helper code is compiled alone.  The compilation process produces
two shared objects, natblaster_peer.so and natblaster_helper.so.  These share
objects can be linked against to import natblaster peer and 3rd party
support, respectively.  The compilation process produces example peer and 3rd
party programs named peer and helper, respectively.

To compile everything use "make all".  Use "make help" for more options.  The
makefile dependencies aren't perfect, make sure to use "make clean".

Use "make html" to produce the Doxygen documentation (Doxygen required).

Use "make print" to produce a singe postscript file with all the code
(enscript required).

The directory structure is arranged as follows:

o / 
	+ Contains the Makefile
	+ Contains this README
	+ Contains a Python script that helps start the built peer application.
	  This script is not needed to run the peer.
	+ Various files resulting from the build process are placed in this

o doc/
	+ Contains the doxygen configuration file (doxygen.cfg)
	+ Contains the doxygen main page file (readme.dox)
	+ Doxygen warnings are placed in this directory (as doxygen.warn)
	+ Doxygen output is placed in this directory (as various self-documenting

o misc/
	+ Contains a Vim syntax file that helps bring the Natblaster code to life.
	  See the README file in the same directory for more information.

o ps/
	+ The "make print" output is placed in this directory

o src/
	+ Contains all the code.  Built object files are placed alongside the c
	  files in the sub-directories.
	+ helper/
		- Contains code only used by the 3rd party
	+ peer/
		- Contains code only used by the peer
	+ share/
		- Contains code used by both the helper and the peer
	+ stubs/
		- Contains simple sample helper and peer applications.