A library to transform public key files between different formats
OCaml C
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Handling public key cryptography keys is a hard job. This library provides the ability to transform keys between the different storage types.

Supported file type include:

  • DNS_PUB: fetch the DNSKEY record of a specific dns domain.
  • PEM_PUB, PEM_PRIV, PEM_CERT: handling PEM formatted public and private keys.
  • DNS_PRIV: Read private key format files containing private key information. This type is widely used by DNSSEC software in order to sign zones.


Current version of the library supports only RSA cryptography. Further some transformation cases are not yet supported.


In order to compile the ocaml-crypto-keys library , you are required to have installed the following ocaml libraries: cryptokit, ocaml-dns, bitstring, ocaml-getopt.

Additionally, in order to compile the c code, you need the ssl header files too. (library tested against libssl 0.9.8).

The library is fully integrated with the oasis compialtion platform and provide a provide a make file to automate the compilation mechanism.


the library currently provides a command line front-end that allows access to the basic functionality of the library.

the name of the program is crypto-convert and provide the following option:

-k, --in_key: filename of the input file

-i, --issuer: a comma separated issuer string (sign only)

-s, --cert_subj: a comma separate string to describe the subject of the certificate. (sign only)

-p, --ca_priv: the filename of the file to read the private key to sign a certification (sign only)

-t, --in_type: the type of the input file: PEM_PUB, PEM_PRIV, PEM_CERT, DNS_PUB, DNS_PRIV

-a, --action: the action performed over the key: SIGN, TRANSFORM, VERIFY

-K, --out_key: filename to save the resulting key format.

-T, --out_type: the key type of the output data.

-D, --duration: how long is the certificate valid for. (sign only)

usage examples:

  • generate a pem private key from an private key format file ldns-keygen -a RSASHA1_NSEC3 -b 1024 alice.signpo.st crypto-convert -k Kalice.signpo.st.+007+31148.private \ --i DNS_PRIV -a transform -T PEM_PRIV \ -K alice.key

  • fetch the public key from the dnssec service and store it in pem format. crypto-convert -k bob.signpo.st -t DNS_PUB -a transform -T PEM_PUB -K bob.pub

  • sign a certificate for a public key fetch from DNSSEC: crypto-convert -k bob.signpo.st -p laptop.alice.key -t DNS_PUB -a sign \ -T PEM_CERT -K laptop.alice-bob.crt -s "C=UK;O=signpost;CN=bob.signpo.st;"\ -i "C=UK;O=signpost;CN=laptop.alice.signpo.st;"