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A simple and lightweight translator that allows to translate and speak text using Google, Yandex and Bing.
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Crow Translate is a simple and lightweight translator programmed in C++ / Qt that allows to translate and speak text using Google, Yandex and Bing translate API. You may also be interested in my library QOnlineTranslator used in this project.




Main screenshot Popup screenshot Sentense screenshot Settings screenshot

Screenshots: OS: Arch Linux | Desktop environment: Plasma | Theme: Breeze | Icons: Papirus | Dock: Latte Dock | Wallpaper: Wallhaven


Main screenshot Popup screenshot Sentense screenshot Settings screenshot

Screenshots: OS: Windows 10 | Theme: Windows 8 | Wallpaper: Default Windows 10 flower


  • Translate and speak text in any application that supports text selection
  • Support 117 different languages
  • Low memory consumption (~20MB)
  • Highly customizable shortcuts
  • Command-line interface with rich options
  • Available for Linux and Windows

Default keyboard shortcuts

You can change them in the settings. Some key sequences may not be available due to OS limitations.


Key Description
Ctrl + Alt + E Translate selected text
Ctrl + Alt + S Speak selected text
Ctrl + Alt + F Speak translation of selected text
Ctrl + Alt + G Stop speaking selected text
Ctrl + Alt + C Show main window

In main window

Key Description
Ctrl + Return Translate
Ctrl + Q Close window
Ctrl + S Play / pause source text speaking
Ctrl + G Stop source text speaking
Ctrl + Shift + S Play / pause translation speaking
Ctrl + Shift + D Stop translation speaking
Ctrl + Shift + C Copy translation to clipboard

CLI commands

The program also has a console interface.

Usage: crow [options] text

Option Description
-h, --help Display help
-v, --version Display version information
-c, --codes Show all language codes
-a, --audio-only Print text only for speaking when using --speak-translation or --speak-source
-s, --source <code> Specify the source language (by default, engine will try to determine the language on its own)
-t, --translation <code> Specify the translation language(s), joined by '+' (by default, the system language is used)
-l, --locale <code> Specify the translator language (by default, the system language is used)
-e, --engine <engine> Specify the translator engine ('google', 'yandex' or 'bing'), Google is used by default
-p, --speak-translation Speak the translation
-u, --speak-source Speak the source
-f, --file Read source text from files. Arguments will be interpreted as file paths
-i, --stdin Add stdin data to source text

Note: If you do not pass startup arguments to the program, the GUI starts.


Arch Linux: qt5-base qt5-multimedia qt5-x11extras gst-plugins-good openssl

Debian: gstreamer1.0-fluendo-mp3, qtgstreamer-plugins-qt5, gstreamer1.0-plugins-good, gstreamer1.0-alsa, gstreamer1.0-pulseaudio, libqt5multimedia5-plugins



This project uses the following third-party libraries:

  • QOnlineTranslator - my library that provides free usage of Google, Yandex and Bing translate API for Qt5.
  • QHotkey - A global shortcut/hotkey for Desktop Qt-Applications.
  • SingleApplication - A simple single instance application for Qt.

Therefore, if you want to clone this project, you need to use the --recursive option:

git clone --recursive

or you can initialize these modules later:

git clone
git submodule init
git submodule update


Only Linux supports icon theming. Windows use Papirus icons.

FlagKit icons are used for flags.


To install a stable version, go to the releases page. The instructions below will help you install Crow Translate with the latest commits.

Automatic script

You can use the automatic script that builds Crow Translate and creates a package for your distribution:

cd dist/unix

Than you can install it as usual. The script will tell you where the package will be after the making. Currently, only Arch Linux, Debian and their derivatives are supported.

Arch Linux and derivatives

You can install crow-translate-git from AUR.

Manual building

You can build Crow Translate by using the following commands:

make clean

You will then get a binary named crow.


To help with localization you can use Transifex or translate files in data/translations with Qt Linguist directly. To add a new language, make a request on the Transifex page or copy data/translations/crow.ts to data/translations/crow_<ISO 639-1 language code>.ts, translate it and send a pull request.

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