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Welcome to a Barclamp for the Crowbar Framework project

The code and documentation is distributed under the Apache 2 license ( Contributions back to the source are encouraged.

The Crowbar Framework ( was developed by the Dell CloudEdge Solutions Team ( as a OpenStack installer ( but has evolved as a much broader function tool.
A Barclamp is a module component that implements functionality for Crowbar.  Core barclamps operate the essential functions of the Crowbar deployment mechanics while other barclamps extend the system for specific applications.

* This functonality of this barclamp DOES NOT stand alone, the Crowbar Framework is required * 

About this barclamp

This is the core barclamp!  Change with caution!


Many Crowbar licenses are listed on 

Icons for Crowbar UI are from:
   * Jon Roberts,
   * Mark James, by
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