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Crowbar Documentation README

This is not the documentation you are looking for... it is a pointer to the real documentation.

Looking for Crowbar Resources?

The Crowbar website has links to all information and is our recommended starting place.

Specific Crowbar Documentation

We track Crowbar documentation with the code so that we can track versions of documentation with the code.

Here are commonly requested references:

You may need to look in subdirectories under the links above for additional details.


Crowbar documentation is distributed into multiple places under the /doc directory of each Crowbar module (aka "barclamps"). When the modules are installed, Crowbar combines all the /doc directories into a master documentation set. These directories are structured into subdirectories for general topics. This structure is common across all barclamps in the Crowbar project

Please, do NOT add documentation in locations besides /doc! If necessary, expand this README to include pointers to important /doc information.