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What is Crowbar?

Crowbar is a platform for server provisioning and deployment from bare metal.

Crowbar currently supports deploying Openstack or Hadoop clusters.


  • server discovery
  • firmware upgrades
  • operating system installation via PXE Boot.
  • application deployment via Chef.

Crowbar was originally developed by the Dell CloudEdge Solutions Team as an OpenStack installer.

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Releases, events, and other news

  • Development Activity
    • The 1.x series provides stable releases for deploying OpenStack and Hadoop.
      • Actively maintained and developed.
      • See the roadmap for more details.
    • In parallel, 2.0 is in active development on the trunk ('master') branches on github.
      • Crowbar 2.0 is a major architectural overhaul and rewrite of Crowbar 1.0.
      • See the dedicated Crowbar 2.0 page for more details.
    • See also the development page for more in-depth information.
  • Crowbar in the news!
  • Rob Hirschfeld's blog

Community Support and Contacts




See license and licenses for components for details.

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