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Crowbar 2 development snapshot ISOs for openSUSE

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The latest openSUSE 12.2 and 12.3 based ISO images of Crowbar 2 are currently published regularly.

The image there is always built from the most recent git checkouts. Depending on how busy the OBS (Open Build Service) is, it can take quite some time from when the latest git sources are pushed to it until the prepared ISO is dropped off at the above location. More details are available on how the systemsmanagement:crowbar:2.0:staging build service project is fed from github.

To install the ISO you'll need a VM (or real Hardware) that is able to access the internet via the network. Currently the ISO uses a hardcoded IP ( and hostname (

When booting the ISO, it will wipe the first harddisk in you test machine (asking for confirmation before doing that of course) and deploy the image on that disk. After that it boots into the image and ask for a few details (keyboard settings and root password currently). When done with that you can start the install script by logging in as root (with the just configured password):

# /opt/dell/bin/

This will deploy all the barclamps, run the install actions and start a chef-client run to bring all the services up to allow clients to pxe boot the sledgehammer image. (Currently this is still the "zombie provisioner mode" that does not need any interaction with the crowbar API.)

From here you can e.g. update a barclamps to the latest git checkout for development. Simply rsync the barclamp from you git checkout to the admin node and call:

/opt/dell/bin/barclamp_install.rb /path/to/the/barclamp/source

to deploy that barclamp (add --debug if you like to see what that does). However, this won't really work for the crowbar barclamp. It will complain that it's missing the rcov gem, because even when running on ruby 1.9.x, bundler wants the rcov gem to be present (not installed though).

Please direct any feedback and question you have regarding this image to the Crowbar mailing list.

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