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Crowbar Error Page

This page is the target for links from the Crowbar UI's error page. If you are reading this then you have likely experienced an error using Crowbar. Do not panic!

Troubleshooting Crowbar

See the Log Files page for information on what log files are available and where they are. You may also want to run the UI in development mode (sudo /opt/dell/bin/ to get interactive error messages.

Community Help

For help from the community, sign up for the Crowbar-Listserv-( We can often resolve your problems quickly using the members of the list.

Filing Defects

If you would like to open a defect against Crowbar, please use the project GitHub Issues tracker ( Please do not open issues against individual barclamps, we are currently consolidating defects against the parent Crowbar project. This may change in the future.

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