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Getting Started (Newbie Guide)

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If you are new to Crowbar, please take a minute to add to this page as you discover things!

If you're using Rob's already compiled ISO images - then openstack[####].iso contains the OpenStack options. crowbar[####].iso is only a base install of CrowBar.

There are various sources of information on which order to install the OpenStack components.

  • MySQL
  • Keystone
  • Nova Dashboard
  • Glance
  • Nova

Seems to work. [Someone who knows more than I should confirm this]. There is also a need for MySQL client on some nodes.

Barclamps can sometimes fail to apply. This can be caused by an incomplete per-requisite. Repeating the application/chef-client run can resolve the issue.

Locations for various logs/setup files:

  • /var/log/install.log Log containing the script output from installing crowbar-admin node.
  • /opt/dell/crowbar_framework/barclamps Contains the package .yml and .json files
  • /opt/dell/chef/data_bags/crowbar Contains the .json and .schema files with settings from the UI input page esp. bc-template-network.json
  • /var/log/nodes Shows installation of the nodes.
  • /var/log/chef/server.log The chef server log. Useful to ensure that it is running correctly
  • /install-logs logs from the discover of nodes ( generated during initial PXE boot cycle)

The knife command is your friend.

  • knife ssh "node:*" date Will give you the current time on all nodes
  • knife ssh "node:d*" uptime Will give you the uptime on all nodes whose names start with d
  • knife ssh "node:d*" chef-client Will run chef-client on all nodes whose names start with d ( discovered nodes)

Wiki Pages for Newbies:

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