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See also Architecture.

Deployment Architecture

  • Node – A server which is managed by Crowbar.
  • Admin Node – Node which the Crowbar/Chef servers run on
  • Compute Node – a node which has an OpenStack Compute (Nova) Role.
  • Controller Node – Has the Nova-Controller/Keystone/… Role
    • Controller Nodes – can be one or many (ie Keystone Controller, Swift-Proxy Controller, MySQL Controller,…)
  • Swift-Proxy Node – Has the swift-proxy role

Crowbar Install Items

  • Sledgehammer - a PXE-bootable image for performing hardware discovery and inventory on nodes before they are assigned to particular roles.
  • Openstack ISO – the ISO that is used to create the Admin Node for Openstack (based Ubuntu OS)
  • Hadoop ISO - the ISO that is used to create the Admin Node for Hadoop (based on RedHat OS)
  • bluepill - a process/daemon monitor written in ruby.
  • rainbows - a ruby web/application server

Crowbar UI & Chef Items

  • barclamp - A set of data, templates and other necessary logic for applying a particular role to a node, or to some set of nodes.
  • proposal - the old name for configuration
  • configuration a collection of barclamp-specific settings and a list of role assignments to nodes against which the barclamp will trigger configuration management tasks when the configuration is applied
  • role - a subset of configuration that has been or will be applied to a node so that it can serve a particular purpose (e.g. run a particular system service or OpenStack component)
  • Chef - an automated configuration management platform.
  • recipe - a group of chef scripts (written in Chef/Ruby) and templates used by chef to deploy a unit of functionality.
  • cookbook - a collection of chef recipes which deploy a software stack or technology. It is the unit of distribution for chef.