Hack Coordination

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See Schedule & Planning Page: Install-Fest-Prep

Worklist and Ideas

You've got your setup, and you'r chomping at the bit to get some hacking under your belt... now what? This is what this page is for. The idea is to update it during the day with things that work & things that bork.

There are 2 sections:
  • reality-check - these are the bork.
  • mountains ahead - pick some cool new feature capability or idea to pull in.

Feel free to add (and especially update).

Reality check.

If it works for you update the status.
  • keystone
    • nova
    • glance
    • swift
    • quantum
  • Dashboard + keystone + Nova + glance + swift + quantum

  • Nova + kvm + lxc


This is a list of things to be aware. Add and update as you find them.
  • Admin install stops (sometimes) complaining about swap partition not found.
    • WORKAROUND: Press enter (once or twice) to retry the operation. It succeeds from there.
  • After installation missing login prompt (admin and non-admin node)
    • WORKAROUND: Press Alt-F1 to get to login screen
    • Seems that Ubuntu 12.04 may have changed default screen after boot.
    • This may be VMWare-based systems only.



  • Basic Vlan
  • OpneVSwitch Integration
  • Melange
  • Networking mode - DHCP
  • Networking mode - injected

Nova enhancements

See Hypervisor selection page here: http://docs.openstack.org/trunk/openstack-compute/admin/content/hypervisor-configuration-basics.html
  • XCP
  • XenServer
  • LXC
  • Nova volume



  • HA mySQL / DRDB
  • Duplicate Server - make a new server like another (e.g. add to all relevant proposals)
  • Decomission server

Drupal !?!?

Cross-Cloud portal: http://wiki.openstack.org/web-cloud-management-system