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OpenCrowbar Planning and Design meetings are chronicled here:

(See also the overview page for development.)

Development cadence

Crowbar is currently developed in two-week [sprints](\)#Sprint), loosely following Kanban methodology.

Each sprint starts with a process-oriented review/planning meeting where we go through the Trello boards. Mid-sprint we also hold design meetings, which are mostly orthogonal to the sprint planning meetings and primarily technical in nature. We use etherpads hosted at to collaboratively take notes in Markdown format during meetings. These are later transferred to this wiki here for safe archival.

Sometimes we hold an extra meeting or two within the sprint if two hours is insufficient to cover everything.

Future meetings

Anyone is welcome to attend community meetings. Please see the Community Events and Meetings Google Calendar (shown in Central Time) and ICS feed (add this to your google calendar to get event times in your timezone).

We are currently using for voice and screen-share, although it's not perfect and we may switch to another tool in the future. (Unfortunately Google Hangouts has too low a limit to the number of attendees.) Dial-in numbers including international can be found by clicking the Phone icon then 'Join by Phone' then the globe icon, and are also captured on this page.

Previous meetings

Here is a list of all notes and video recordings from previous meetings.

The notes for all meetings within a sprint are usually combined into a single document, linked in the second column of the following table:

Sprint starting Sprint notes Review / planning session Design meeting session(s)
2013/05/22 notes 5/22 5/29
2013/05/10 notes NA NA
2013/02/28 notes Planning BDD Training
2013/02/14 notes Planning Provisioner Design Review (2013/02/19); Sprint Design: Model, Test, Packaging (2013/02/20)
2013/01/31 notes Planning (audio issues) Backlog Review Object model (2013/02/05); OBS + API (2013/02/06)
2013/01/17 notes Install packaging (2013/01/23); install packaging and attribute injection (2013/01/29)
2013/01/03 notes Rails engines and openSUSE status update (2013/01/09); CMDB design (2013/01/10); UI review (2013/01/15)
2012/12/20 notes scheduled for 2013/1/9
2012/12/06 notes not recorded Chef 10 vs. 11; Ruby 1.8 vs. 1.9; dev environments; initializers; migrations
2012/11/18 notes not recorded no meeting
2012/11/01 notes not recorded last short sprint
2012/10/25 notes use of Trello boards BDD Training
2012/10/18 no meetings skipped skipped
2012/10/11 notes build coordination; Ship Ready review held in person at the OpenStack Summit
2012/10/04 notes not recorded, good notes though testing in 2.0; locking in 1.x
2012/09/27 notes cancelled
2012/09/20 notes not recorded OpenStack Summit planning; Pull from Source
2012/09/13 notes BDD training (part 2)
2012/09/06 notes coding/testing standards (poor audio)
2012/08/30 notes postponed (brief discussion on guidelines for pull requests)
2012/08/23 notes Role ordering; Crowbar 2.0 API (see also CMDB workflow/objects etherpad and 2.0 API etherpad)
2012/08/16 notes not recorded
2012/08/09 notes renaming of proposals; service and queue operations
2012/08/02 notes not recorded network barclamp changes; API changes; heterogeneous OS design
2012/07/26 notes not recorded not recorded

At this point there's a big gap in the record, and for older meetings we only have notes:

There are also some references to older sprints on the roadmap page.