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Sprint 2013 02 14

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Coordination Meetings

Done on Trello

Provisioner Design Overview -> Tuesday 2013-02-19 @ 11:30am CDT.

This was recorded.

Weekly Design Review Meeting

How to Create Barclamp Instances

Template are moving into barclamp_root/config-template.json We will NOT migrate this to yml - we want to keep the schema validation

Existing use cases for overriding default data specified in the template prior to barclamp installation:

  • defining the admin IP range in the network barclamp prior to barclamp installation
  • other environment-specific information may be required, e.g. DNS forwarders, passwords
  • SUSE Cloud already does this via a Crowbar YaST2 module
  • community feedback confirms this requirement for prepopulating config data

Possible approaches:

  • Could have an override mechanism by dropping files into /etc/crowbar. Raises the question whether the override file should have the same coverage as the template it's overriding, or just override a particular segment. If it overrides the whole template, this violation of DRY could cause problems during upgrade.
  • Have a single config file per package deployed into /etc/crowbar with the expectation that it can be modified per site, and the native package mechanism treats it with the normal config file semantics (%config in .spec files, dpkg-reconfigure etc.)

Unit vs Rspec Tests (from list)

We have have a preference for rspec tests over rails unit tests. It is difficult to get community gems to integrate into the rails unit tests. We could be using broader tools (guard & spork) that are fast and functional to expand our testing. Adam is also concerned that there is less community support around test-unit.

Rspec is a more active and richer testing environment. It will be faster and provide mocking.

  • NOT porting existing tests
  • NOT expecting 100% compliance

Current system runs BOTH rspec and unit.

We have agreed not to have a holy war about what is a "unit test"

Future Topics

1 Service Object & other refactoring challenges 1 Install & Packaging 1 Data Model 1 1 API Paths & Conventions 1 Engines Update 1 Changes to SledgeHammer -> notification & coordination 1 Use Vagrant to create build VMs & test systems (opportunistic) 1 Dev Tool Review - latest features, pull requests, automated building. 1 How barclamps are versioned 1 Crowbar fault tolerance & recovery

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