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Sprint 2013 05 10

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Sprint notes 2013-05-09

Dell Update on Pebbles

  • ~40 bugs in current builds
  • main issues with Quantum
    • currently working:
      • Quantum core services with flat networking
    • supporting binding of floating IP to VM doesn't work yet
    • proxy support for Quantum metadata server to proxy requests back to Nova
      • blocking file injection etc.
    • needs some debugging with tcpdump, maybe fixing Quantum bugs
  • ssh access to deployed VM with floating IP
  • Nova
    • still polluted with nova-network and nova-volume - will be fixed

SUSE Update on Pebbles

  • working on making Rails app work (close)
  • forward porting patches from 1.5 to 1.6
    • collaborative blacklisting mechanism based on git-notes
  • creating Pebbles packages
    • reusing .spec files etc. from SUSE Cloud 1.0 and updating tarballs from pebbles git branches
  • now have a Ubuntu setup just to check upstream pull requests for any breakage
    • worth tagging pull requests which have been tested on Ubuntu etc.

Process items

  • Use github milestones to triage issues
    • multiple milestones per release
    • this will allow us to separate out 2.0-only issues and deprioritize for now
  • Discussion of when to use github vs. Trello, and whether these tools are good enough
    • => taken offline, to be continued

Pebbles milestone #1: Grizzly.1 Feature Complete

  • code freeze target for this coming sprint (drop 22nd May)
  • Pebbles running on SLES11 SP2 (later this will become SP3)
  • resolution of quantum networking modes
  • removal of nova-volume and nova-network
  • PostgreSQL and MySQL (via the database barclamp)
    • SUSE will test PostgreSQL only
    • Dell will test MySQL (and Postgres?)

Pebbles milestone #2: Grizzly.1 Release

  • so far undefined
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