Sprint 2013 09 19

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As per last meeting, trying to use Blackboard

Video: http://youtu.be/iAfOVHYnSoM

Topcs for Planning Meeting

  • CISCO UCS barclamp - https://github.com/crowbar/barclamp-cisco-ucs/tree/release/pebbles/master
    • Demo
  • Community Jira -> working on technical issues, will update as we get closer
  • CB2 Update
  • Documentation (handled by email)
    • Team introductions (profile pages or similar)
    • Getting links updated on crowbar.github.io
    • Review of docs trello ?
    • Discuss where to put doc changes
    • Status update for feature/cb20_devguide
  • Status on Mesa branch
    • trying to get Grizzly.3 bits before cutting next milestone
  • Status of Pebbles branch & pulls
    • Community Branch
      • Is not a "product" but contains all community components
      • Acceptance testing will be done by multiple parties
    • Pebbles will remain the OpenStack Grizzly platform
    • 85 pulls in backlog
    • Smoke test is fully funcitonal
      • (Dell is testing Ubuntu install deploys OpenStack Grizzly on Pebbles)
      • (SUSE is testing on SLES and its deployment of OpenStack Grizzly on Pebbles)
        • Some SUSE dev work on Pebbles in preparation for Havana will be submitted on Roxy
    • Expectation is that we maintain smoke test
    • Pebbles should become a stable/release branch that's patches only (maintenance only?)
  • Roxy Branch
    • Timing: Creation of the Roxy Branch Will be done WED 9/25 post 10 call
      • Please focus on review of outstanding pulls
        • Note on pulls if they are required BEFORE branch
      • Please note particular testing/observation needed in addition to smoketests for save merge (minimize risk of side effects)
      • Pull-requests outstanding in Pebbles following creation of the Roxy branch will be merged manually into Roxy after each has been merged into Pebbles
    • Target for Havana work & updated Cloudera work
    • New barclamps should be added on Havana.
    • New function should be focused on this Havana branch
      • EXCEPT that we are trying to limit activity on CB1 feature in favor of CB2 on trunk
      • New barclamps should be attached to Roxy
      • There is an expectation that barclamps should work against either CB1 branch (no breaking changes to core expected)
    • Objective: to have communitiy support for base Hanava components (Keystone, Nova, Cinder, Neutron, Horizon) at the OpenStack Summit
    • Also, adding some additional hardware configurations (e.g.: Ivy Bridge CPUs)

Topics for Next

  • Community Planning / Defect Boards