Sprint 2013 10 17

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Agenda for Oct 17 8am Central

  • Recap of Crowbar 2 update (Victor)

    • basic provisioning complete
    • working on documenting how to porting workloads next sprint
    • OpenStack barclamps will use the functional names
  • Havana work on Roxy (Arkady)

    • started cut over to Havana bits, working started (crowbar.yml)
    • pointers are expected to move to havana stable
    • hoping to have workable bits for summit (but unstable before)
    • not planning to change the name
  • Bootstrap UI framework change to make it easier to brand Crowbar

    • applies in the Crowbar 2 base (used in SUSE 2.0)
    • came from Twitter
    • suggested that upstreaming into CB2 sooner is better, may impact tests
  • Finalization of mailing lists discussion (Simon)

    • significant discussion on the list for and against
    • decision is for status quo for now (single list)
    • expect to revisit if
      • subscriber count exceeds 600
      • daily count exceeds 100 serveral times
      • at CB2 release or if volume picks up
      • confusion over CB2 vs CB1 may trigger
    • will drop for now
  • Crowbar Community Meeting at the HH Summit (Simon/Rob)

    • HELP > asking for help advertising the event
    • open to have more speakers / presentations
    • will be the day before
  • Crowbar Smoke Testing

    • SUSE to setup a Jenkins smoke of each pull - devtool oriented tests on multiple operating systems (SLES & Ubuntu)
    • System would vote into the github pulls


  • when we fork the cookbooks - Victor suggested that we should start from the OpenStdack upstreams (then bring in the Crowbar enhancements)
  • for hack - do we start w/ the upstream OpenStack cookbooks and then migrate CB1 OpenStack into them?