Sprint 2013 11 14

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Previous Sprints: http://crowbar.sync.in/sprint-2013-10-17 no recording

Agenda for Nov 14 8am Central

  • Recap of Hack sent via email....http://robhirschfeld.com/2013/11/03/crowbar-hk-hack-report/
  • Officially passed the "Crowbar 2 Pivot" by successful deploying Ceph
    • Focus on bringing people up to speed & docs
    • Technical debt (docs! etc)
    • Scoping effort for migration (Hadoop port)
    • Expectation is to switch to OpenStack StackForge Upstreams (if practical)
      • then bring over places where Crowbar cookbooks are ahead
    • Performance testing for CB2 (>100 nodes)
  • Crowbar 2 Next Steps
  • Discussion pending for Crowbar 2 github change (from crowbar to opencrowbar or others if needed + repo consolidation)
    • needs to happen soon
    • will include CI and gated pulls work
  • Waiting on Bootstrap UI changes in CB1 (then port to CB2)
  • Rob still working on Docker Nodes for CB2 (hopeful for this sprint, will require code changes)