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sprint 2012 09 20

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Sprint 09/20

Objective: Establish process for future sprints

Coordination Meetings

Weekly Design Review Meeting

Tuesday 09/25 @ 10am CDT. Recording

Topics Discussed

  • Updated OpenStack Summit ( )

    • Likely to be on Wed or Thurs during open summit time
    • updates make to summit page
  • Pull from Source (about Folsom)

  • CB2 Ship Readiness (see )

    • definition of minimum function level for engineering milestone
      • "can replace what we have in field"
      • reference Eric Ries (split testing)
      • Dealing w/ refactors -> "tippy towers" link
      • change level should be set to position for future improvements, but not necssarily making the changes
    • to be able to "replace Crowbar 1.x" & minimum requirements -> QA can start doing end to end testing
      • Minimal changes to UI (this helps QA on testing)
      • Deploy to OpenStack using Pull from Source (Folsom)
        • move to "SQL Barclamp"
        • Temptest barclamp included (in Betty)
      • Database Model is working (removed Chef as DB)
        • Job scheduler system
      • Documentation updated
      • CI builds w/ integration test suite
      • Automated test coverage
        • Automated test coverage of all exposed API functions (new)
        • All models have unit tests (coverage %?)
        • Metrics of coverage reporting
      • Process
        • Shared bug system
      • Database can be SQLite (with plan to leverage SQL barclamp when installed)
      • Networking subsystem updated
        • New models in place
        • Configurable networking parameters
        • barclamps updated to use it (nova for validation of methodology)
      • Crowbar installs from at least one Linux distro (SUSE top choice)
      • Crowbar uses at least one CMDB (Chef)
        • must prove the patterns
        • Cookbooks have not been fully "de-crowbarized"
          • test of success - cookbooks run w/ Crowbar present using manual setup
          • perhaps have an automated test for that?
        • will not provide legacy support of CB1x
      • UEFI boot capability (new, but required for available hardware)
      • ISO (Dell) & Online (SUSE) Installs
    • Release Target objective for Crowbar 2.0
      • Crowbar HA
      • Upgradable
      • Multi-OS
      • Heterogeneous OS
      • Multiple CMDB
      • User secuirity
        • HTTPS logins by default
        • change password
        • add user
        • Role based security

Potential Design Topics

  • Pull from Source (1.x code that will appear at the Summit)
  • Define CB2 Ship Readiness
  • OpenSUSE builds / Dell able to create SUSE build environment
  • Core Workflow and Jobs
  • Dev Process Discussion (on going)
  • Security Consideations (RBAC, Users, Encryption)
  • Merging ISO & package based install models
  • Install process bootstrapping -> no Chef required for bootstrap? sqlite -> postgresql -> redundant postgresql

Sprint Coordination

Thursday 09/20 @ 8am CDT. Voice & Screen Share:


  • 25 minutes review
  • 10 minutes process check
  • 25 minutes planning

Review Items

This sprint we accomplished the following:

  • Betty is in RC beta's are already available:
  • DevTool went into the main branch, there's been some smaller issues but it's been confirmed to be working by at least a couple of people, if there are issues with it please reach out via the mailing list
  • Digest Authentication is being worked on, should be done this coming sprint
  • BDD was reviewed the last time (Tuesday 18th) details are available under:

Planned Items

This sprint we are expecting to accomplish:

  • This sprint we're doing work on the network models
  • We're also working on defining the CMDB interfaces
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