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sprint 2012 10 11

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Sprint 1011

> No Design Meeting due to OpenStack summit

Sprint Coordination

Thursday 10/11 @ 8am CDT.

Agenda: Discuss Ship Ready: sprint 2012-09-20

CB2 Ship Readiness (see )

Definition of minimum function level for engineering milestone

  • "can replace what we have in field"
  • reference Eric Ries (split testing)
  • Dealing w/ refactors -> "tippy towers" link
  • change level should be set to position for future improvements, but not necssarily making the changes
  • migrations from this to next, not supported


  • Effectively the "Alpha" of Crowbar 2
  • to be able to "replace Crowbar 1.x" & minimum refactoring objectives (database & network)
  • QA can start doing end to end testing

Process Interlock

  • CI builds w/ integration test suite
  • Automated test coverage
    • Automated test coverage of all exposed API functions (new)
    • All models have unit tests (coverage %?)
    • Metrics of coverage reporting
  • Process
    • Shared bug system
    • Shared working tracking system (task burn down tracking)
  • Build Updates
    • Using Kiwi to create ISO or USB boot images

Feature Description

  • Minimal changes to CLI & UI (this helps QA on testing)
  • Deploy to OpenStack using Pull from Source (Folsom from Fred trunk)
  • move to "SQL Barclamp" (in SUSE branch)
  • Tempest barclamp included (in Betty)
  • Database Model is working (removed Chef as DB)
    • Database can be SQLite (with plan to leverage SQL barclamp when installed)
    • Job scheduler system
  • Documentation updated
  • Networking subsystem updated
    • New models in place (to replace network.json)
    • Configurable networking parameters (allows for live change to non-admin networks)
    • barclamps updated to use it (nova for validation of methodology)
  • Crowbar installs from at least one Linux distro (SUSE top choice, others will follow or be maintained as it)
  • Crowbar uses at least one CMDB (Chef)
    • must prove the patterns
    • Cookbooks have not been fully "de-crowbarized"
      • test of success - cookbooks run w/ Crowbar present using manual setup
      • perhaps have an automated test for that?
    • will not provide legacy support of CB1x
  • UEFI boot capability (new, but required for available hardware)
  • ISO (Dell) & Online (SUSE) Installs
  • Chef not required for installation (Chef barclamp?)

Post Script from Discussion about black list of commits

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