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summit 2012 online

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Online Mode (20 min)

Reduce size of packaging, Allow for more up to date releases, track closer to development


Lack of internet access from parts of the system are limiting the options to upgrade, update, and deploy new pieces to an existing crowbar. This feature is to enable out-bound internet access to the crowbar deployment. This will be used by many other features. The goal of this feature is to enable external access to various components of the system.


By enabling outbound internet access, we can enable other functions that can address upgrade and download of packages/pieces for faster deployment and upgrade. This also enables internal services to use external versions as needed (e.g. DNS, NTP, ...).


  • Design approach is to put a proxy on the Crowbar server as an intermediate to cache repositories
  • This allows you to connect or not connect to the Internet. The proxy pulls the images to the admin node
  • It will be possible for the installer to pre-populate the cache so that you can start with populated cache
  • Polipo is the cache engine that we are considering now
    • it is very small & lightweight
    • it has an offline mode which can be used for production. You can stage (cascade?) the proxy so that production does not pull directly from Internet
  • SUSE already uses SMT (Subscription Management Tool) as a repository proxy/cache
    • May need to think about chaining these proxies - we should talk
  • SUSE currently dynamically configures DNS forwarding at install time based on the admin node's /etc/resolv.conf
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