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Pull From Source (20 min)

Removes the requirement to wait for packaging before working on deployment.

This is considered required for Quantum development.


It is hard to keep up with OpenStack projects because we don't have direct control over the distro. This makes it hard to try new features before releases or projects that are incubated.


Having a method to try out the OpenStack (and Hadoop) pieces before our distro providers have packages should enable us to decrease time to market for these features. Being able to test our current deployment recipes against the new version can help identify breaking changes early, and fix them.

We are trying to get closer to "zero day" deployments with the OpenStack releases


  • "git barclamp" that allows you stage the code on an internal git server that is used by Crowbar barclamps
  • online mode is needed because we also have access to the latest dependencies
  • getting the right dependencies and deployment/configuration changes is critical and difficult
  • one of the biggest benefits is that we're going to more quickly expose when developers break the deployment logic
  • use cases include ultimately being able to stage changes from dev to test to production
  • having a source of the dependencies is one of the important design considerations
  • first use case is testing the newer code
  • next use case is being able to bring in code that does not have stable packages (Quantum, Cinder, etc)
  • another use case is to be able to be more actively using the trunk for testing multi-node deployment
  • thinking to use the same git server for backups, snapshots, configuration tracking, etc.

Consider some Christoph's comments around open build service for package construction as an alternative or in addition to., (SUSE's public/open instance)