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Chrome extension that provides various options and tweaks to improve your viewing experience.
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A Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox extension that provides options and tweaks to improve your viewing experience. Built with love by the Firebot team.

If you have questions, concerns, need help, or just want to say hi, you can reach out to us on Twitter or join our Discord channel.

Disclaimer: MixrElixr is neither created nor endorsed by Mixer or Microsoft. It is created by the community for the community.

How To Use

  1. Install the extension from the Google Web Store or the Firefox Add-on Gallery.
  2. Change settings to your liking (click on the Elixr icon in the browser toolbar)
  3. Visit Mixer and enjoy!

Found a bug?

Head over to the Issues page and create a new issue. We appreciate it!

Please note that any feature in Elixr could break at any time if the Mixer site gets updated in a way that Elixr depends on. We will try to patch these issues as quickly as we can when they arrise.

Feature Requests

Have a great idea? We want to hear it! Tell us about it over on the Issues page.


This code (everything in the repository) is provided under the GNU General Public License v3.0. This means that you're free to take the code in this repository and modify it in whatever way you like and distribute this code for any purpose. However, if you release it then it must be under this same license, make it open source, and provide documentation of changes made. All versions must have copyright credit pointing back to this source.

Anything using this code must be under the GNU Public License, and a copyright credit must point back here.

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