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Stream Jumper for

Description: Stream Jumper is a tool build for moderators on that allow the user to view multiple different chat rooms at the same time without the need for popout chat windows. This makes it easier for a moderator to keep an eye on all chat rooms and jump between them as needed.

Note As of 3-22-16 the repo was split into two branches. The main branch no longer contains automation in order to better match up with mixer policy. The second branch, autolurk, contains automation. This second branch is now deprecated and will not be updated.

Setup: This entire project is a stand alone webpage that can be run from your desktop. You can download all of the files by clicking here. Once downloaded you can simply open up the HTML in the folder using google chrome. Alternatively you can use the stream jumper website and always have the newest version.

Download: You can download all of the files by clicking here.

Devs: If you're a dev, feel free to take the code and modify it as you wish. Hopefully you'll be able to pick it apart and make it better.

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