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An app that allows streamers on Mixer.com to quickly and easily setup versatile interactive boards and chat commands. It supports sound board buttons, api buttons, game controls, scene changes, group changes, and more all on the same interactive board at the same time. This allows any user to have a variety of fun buttons for their audience to interact with at any time.

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Can I use it now?

Yes, just head on over to Firebot's webpage and download the newest version!

But how do I use it?

The app will help you with the first steps when you first open the app. You can also head to our website where we have lot of great video tutorials made by the community.

What if I have a question or need more help?

Feel free send us a tweet or come visit our Discord server.

I found a bug, who do I contact?

Just head over to the issues page and create a new issue.

I have a new feature idea!

Submit feature requests at the issues page. Please note that this is a very general purpose app and not all feature requests will be implemented.


This code (everything in the repository) is provided under the GNU General Public License v3.0. This means that you're free to take the code in this repository and modify it in whatever way you like and distribute this code for any purpose. However, if you release it then it must be under this same license, make it open source, and provide documentation of changes made. All versions must have copyright credit pointing back to this source.

Anything using this code must be under the GNU Public License, and a copyright credit must point back here.