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Known Issues

  • Refreshing on wait page will temporarily show multiple user icons in TogetherJS sidebar on work page (visual bug)
  • After experiment is marked as complete, unpaired observers sent to work who are disconnected at the time will show as "Done" status, even without hitting the Done page
  • After experiment is marked as complete, unpaired observers sent to work will be greeted with submit HIT form on /work page. Refreshing the page in this state results in a crash, and the user has to re-enter the system from the narrative page to submit their HIT from the Done page. Move straight to Done page after being routed, instead of /work?
  • Dashboard page background discoloring when worker list goes past end of page
  • Moderator form not saved and/or loaded properly on occasion refresh. Can happen when user makes a selection or presses prev/next right when observer user refreshes. Can also happen on quick successive refreshes on moderator's end. Poll/update moderator form on observer end after each input?

Planned Changes

  • Master participants list on dashboard

Black Box Images

  • c_441.png
  • c_462.png
  • c_533.png
  • c_1931.png
  • c_1941.png
  • c_1944.png
  • c_2777.png
  • l_887.png
  • l_1429.png
  • l_1440.png
  • l_1464.png
  • l_1868.png
  • l_2859.png
  • n_36.png
  • n_1689.png
  • n_1784.png
  • n_1870.png
  • n_1871.png
  • n_2780.png
  • n_3511.png

Removed Duplicate Posts

  • n_1852.png
  • n_1963.png
  • n_1965.png
  • n_3327.png
  • n_3335.png
  • n_3336.png
  • n_3360.png
  • n_3363.png
  • n_3365.png
  • n_3366.png
  • n_3376.png
  • n_3377.png
  • n_3398.png
  • n_3413.png
  • n_3427.png
  • n_3443.png
  • n_3450.png
  • n_3471.png
  • n_3472.png
  • n_3473.png
  • n_3475.png
  • n_3476.png
  • n_3478.png
  • n_3480.png
  • n_3481.png
  • n_3482.png
  • n_3483.png
  • n_3484.png
  • n_3485.png
  • n_3487.png
  • n_3488.png
  • n_3489.png
  • n_3491.png
  • n_3494.png
  • n_3495.png
  • n_3498.png
  • n_3499.png
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