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This is a starter kit for the League of Nations archives digitization challenge on crowdAI.

Problem Statement

This challenge is an image classification problem, where in the training set you are given 4692 images belonging to either english or french, and then you are provided 14216 images in the test set, where you are supposed to predict the class the said image belongs to.


The datasets are available in the Dataset section of the challenge page, and on following the links, you will have two files :

  • train.tar.gz
  • test.tar.gz

train.tar.gz expands into a folder containing two subfolders, of the form :

└── train
    ├── en (contains *.jpg images)
    └── fr (contains *.jpg images)

The folders en and fr have .jpg images belonging to the respective class. For the rest of this starter kit you are encourage to download both the files, and extract them and place them in the data/ directory to make the directory structure look like :

└── data
    ├── test_images  (contains *.jpg images)
    └── train 
        ├── en (contains *.jpg images)
        └── fr (contains *.jpg images)

Prediction file format

The predictions should be a valid CSV file with 14216 rows (one for each of the images in the test set), and the following headers :

filename, prob_en, prob_fr

where :

  • filename : filename of a single test file
  • prob_en : the confidence [0,1] that this image belongs to the class english
  • prob_fr : the confidence [0,1] that this image belongs to the class french

The sum of of prob_en and prob_fr for a single row should be less than 1.

Random prediction

The you can use the script below to generate a sample submission, which should be saved at random_prediction.csv.

#!/usr/bin/env python

import numpy as np
import os
import glob

def softmax(x):
    """Compute softmax values for each sets of scores in x."""
    e_x = np.exp(x - np.max(x))
    return e_x / e_x.sum(axis=0) # only difference

LINES = []
for _file_path in glob.glob("data/test_images/*.jpg"):
    probs = softmax(np.random.rand(2))

fp = open("random_prediction.csv", "w")


Then you can submit on crowdAI, by going to the challenge page and clicking on Create Submission: create_submission

and then upload the file by clicking on Browse file at the bottom of the screen:


and then finally, your submission should either be accepted, or the error shown :


Best of Luck


Sharada Mohanty