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=== Broken Link Checker ===
Contributors: whiteshadow
Donate link:
Tags: links, broken, maintenance, blogroll, custom fields, admin, comments, posts
Requires at least: 3.2
Tested up to: 3.3
Stable tag: 1.4

This plugin will check your posts, comments and other content for broken links and missing images, and notify you if any are found. 

== Description ==
This plugin will monitor your blog looking for broken links and let you know if any are found.


* Monitors links in your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional).
* Detects links that don't work, missing images and redirects.
* Notifies you either via the Dashboard or by email.
* Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional).
* Prevents search engines from following broken links (optional).
* You can search and filter links by URL, anchor text and so on.
* Links can be edited directly from the plugin's page, without manually updating each post.
* Highly configurable.

[Suggest new features and improvements here](

**Basic Usage**

Once installed, the plugin will begin parsing your posts, bookmarks (AKA blogroll) and other content and looking for links. Depending on the size of your site this can take from a few minutes up to an hour or more. When parsing is complete, the plugin will start checking each link to see if it works. Again, how long this takes depends on how big your site is and how many links there are. You can monitor the progress and tweak various link checking options in *Settings -> Link Checker*.

The broken links, if any are found, will show up in a new tab of the WP admin panel - *Tools -> Broken Links*. A notification will also appear in the "Broken Link Checker" widget on the Dashboard. To save display space, you can keep the widget closed and configure it to expand automatically when problematic links are detected. E-mail notifications need to be enabled separately (in *Settings -> Link Checker*).

The "Broken Links" tab will by default display a list of broken links that have been detected so far. However, you can use the links on that page to view redirects or see a listing of all links - working or not - instead. You can also create new link filters by performing a search and clicking the "Create Custom Filter" button. For example, this can be used to create a filter that only shows comment links.

There are several actions associated with each link. They show up when you move your mouse over to one of the links listed the aforementioned tab -

* "Edit URL" lets you change the URL of that link. If the link is present in more than one place (e.g. both in a post and in the blogroll), all occurrences of that URL will be changed.
* "Unlink" removes the link but leaves the link text intact.
* "Not broken" lets you manually mark a "broken" link as working. This is useful if you know it was incorrectly detected as broken due to a network glitch or a bug. The marked link will still be checked periodically, but the plugin won't consider it broken unless it gets a new result.

You can also click on the contents of the "Status" or "Link Text" columns to get more info about the status of each link.


* Belorussian - [M. Comfi](
* Bulgarian - [Ajoft Technologes](
* Chinese Simplified - [Hank Yang](
* Chinese Traditional - [YILIN](
* Czech - [Lelkoun](
* Danish - [Georg S. Adamsen](
* Dutch - [Gideon van Melle](
* French - [Whiler](
* German - [Ivan Graf](
* Hindi - [Outshine Solutions](
* Irish - [Ray Gren](
* Italian - [Gianni Diurno]( and [Giacomo Ross]( (alternative)
* Japanese - [ningendesu](
* Korean - [MinHyeong Lim](
* Persian - [Omid Sheerkavand](
* Polish - [](
* Portuguese - [PedroDM](
* Romanian - [Ovidiu](
* Russian - [Anna Ozeritskaya](
* Spanish - [Neoshinji](
* Ukrainian - [Stas Mykhajlyuk](

*Note: Some translations are not entirely up to date with the latest release, so parts of the interface may appear untranslated.*

**Other Credits**

This plugin uses one or more icons from the beautiful ["Silk" icon set](

== Installation ==

To do a new installation of the plugin, please follow these steps

1. Download the file to your computer.
1. Unzip the file 
1. Upload `broken-link-checker` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
1. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

To enable/disable various features and tweak the plugin's configuration go to *Settings -> Link Checker*.

To upgrade your installation

1. Deactivate the plugin
1. Retrieve and upload the new files (do steps 1. - 3. from "new installation" instructions)
1. Reactivate the plugin. Your settings will be retained from the previous version.

== Changelog ==

= 1.4 =
* Added an option to send post authors notifications about broken links in their posts.
* Added the ability to sort links by URL (click the column header).
* Added YouTube API throttling to avoid going over the request quota, which could result in false positives on blogs with lots of YouTube videos.
* Added a Bulgarian translation.
* Updated Italian, German and Persian translations.
* Fixed a bug where the "Feedback" and other screen meta links wouldn't show up in WP 3.3.
* Fixed the tab CSS for the plugin settings page. Now they should be the right size and look the same in all modern browsers (tested in IE, Firefox, Chrome and Opera).
* Fixed drop-down arrows showing up on meta links that don't actually have dropdowns.
* Tested on WP 3.3 (RC2).

= 1.3.1 =
* Added support for the new YouTube embed code style. It needs to be explicitly enabled in options.
* Added credits link for the Persian language translator.
* Updated Portuguese translation.
* Updated German translation.
* Partial fix for Mediafire checker failing with a fatal error in some situations.

= 1.3 =
* Dropped PHP 4 support.
* Fixed a whole lot of PHP 5 related notices and strict-mode warnings.
* Fixed some inconsistent method declarations.
* Fixed a long-standing bug in the ver. 0.9.5 upgrade routine.
* Fixed the look and behavior of the "Feedback" and "Go to Broken Links/Go to Settings" links to be consistent with other WP screen meta links.
* Updated Chinese (TW) translation.
* Updated Portuguese translation.
* Updated Italian translation (minor fix).
* Replaced the link to FindBroken with a short list of (some of) my other plugins.

= 1.2.5 =
* Added Irish translation.
* Added Persian translation.
* Added Korean translation.
* Added Chinese Traditional translation.
* Updated German translation.
* Fixed (probably) missing diacritics in the Romanian translation.
* Fixed a crash bug caused by class-json.php no longer being present in the latest WP. Luckily, the plugin only really needed that class for backwards compatibility.
* Made the "database not up to date" error message a bit more helpful.
* Shortcodes in image URLs should work now.
* The Dashboard widget is no longer visible to non-privileged users.
* Replaced multiple instances of get_option('home') and get_option('siteurl') - both now deprecated - with home_url().

= 1.2.4 =
* Fixed a very stupid bug where links would be checked very slowly or not at all.
* Fixed the display of the news link.
* Updated Italian translation.

= 1.2.3 =
* Updated Portuguese translation.
* Updated German translation.
* Switched to a simpler, MySQL-based locking mechanism. Note: This may cause trouble for people who've hacked their WP install to use persistent database connections.
* Added a poll asking for feedback on a new BLC-related web application idea.
* Minor wording change in the debug info table.

= 1.2.2 = 
* All Pro features now included in the free version!
* Updated Japanese translation.
* Updated Polish translation.
* Updated Portuguese translation.
* Added Romanian translation.
* Fixed a tab layout bug in IE 7.
* Fixed UTF-8 characters outside the domain name being encoded incorrectly (may only work with Curl).
* Fixed a missing translation in email notifications.
* Fixed a rare "only variables can be returned by reference" notice.
* Added a donation button and a MaxCDN ad to the Settings page.
* Added a "Go to Settings" button to the Broken Links page, and a "Go to Broken Links" button to the Settings page.
* Settings page now looks better on small screens.
* Email notifications are now enabled by default.
* "Link status" in the search form no longer defaults to the currently displayed filter/view.
* Made the "installation failed" message a bit more helpful.

= =
* Added Polish translation.
* Updated Danish translation.
* Updated Italian translation.
* Fixed an uncommon "Cannot break/continue 1 level" error. 
* Added a new user feedback survey (the link only shows up after you've used this version for at least two weeks).

= =
* Updated German translation and fixed the corresponding credits link.

= 0.9.7 =
* Allow custom field names with spaces.
* Updated German translation.
* Updated Portuguese translation
* Made the "Current load" label localizeable.
* Fixed a translation-related bug where the various checkboxes in the "Link types" and "Look for links in" sections would appear in English even when a valid translation was available.
* Fixed non-ASCII URLs being mangled when links are automatically marked with the "broken_link" CSS class.
* Fixed blog names that include quotes being displayed incorrectly in email notifications.
* When removing a link via the "Unlink" action, add the old URL as the title attribute of the now-unlinked anchor text.
* When resolving relative URLs posted in comments, use the comment's permalink as the base (previously the blog's homepage URL was used).

= 0.9.6 =
* Updated Danish translation.
* Updated Italian translation.
* Updated Portuguese translation
* Fixed incorrect parsing of relative URLs that consist solely of a query string or \#fragment.
* Fixed superfluous resynchronization requests being issued when the plugin is re-activated.
* Fixed only one of character set and collation being specified for the plugin's tables.
* Added default status text for HTTP codes 509 and 510.
* Added the installation log to debug info output.
* Added lots of logging to routines called on activation.
* Added an "Upgrade to Pro" button to the plugin's pages.
* Removed the highlight on the "Feedback" button.
* Fail fast if trying to activate on an unsupported version of WordPress.
* Ensure PHP and browser timeouts don't prematurely terminate the installation/upgrade script.
* Plugin JavaScript and CSS files are now loaded using HTTPS when FORCE_ADMIN_SSL is on.

= 0.9.5 =
* Added the ability to check scheduled, draft and private posts.
* Added a way to individually enable/disable the monitoring of posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and so on.
* New "Status" column in the "Broken Links" table.
* Visible table columns and the number of links per page can now be selected in the "Screen Options" panel.
* Replaced the "Delete sources" action with "Move sources to Trash" (except on blogs where Trash is disabled).
* New URL editor interface, now more consistent with the look-n-feel of the inline editor for posts.
* New status icon to help distinguish "maybe broken" and "definitely broken" links.
* Tweaked table layout - links first, posts/etc last.
* Added "Compact" and "Detailed" table views (for now, the differences are quite minor).
* Split the settings page into several tabs.
* Removed the "Details" links as redundant. To display link details, click the contents of the "Status" or "Link text" columns instead.
* Added a way to individually enable/disable the monitoring of various link types, e.g. HTML links, images, etc.

= =
* Fixed "Edit URL" and "Unlink" not working on PHP4 servers.

= =
* Another PHP 4 fix. Considering dropping support for PHP4 in light of the counterintuitive workarounds required to make perfectly valid PHP5 code work in that ghastly thing.
* Added a partial workaround for sites that have use strange DB\_CHARSET settings.

= =
* Added more debugging data to the "Show debug info" table.
* Added missing indexes to the instance table.
* Yet more PHP4 compatibility fixes.
* Added a notification bubble with the current number of broken links to the Tools -> Broken Links menu item.

= =
* Fixed PHP 4 incompatibilities introduced in the previous release.
* Fixed bulk unlink.
* Updated Italian translation.
* Updated Danish translation.

= 0.9.4 =
* Fixed missing post and comment edit links in email notifications.
* Updated Danish translation.
* Added Japanese translation.
* Added a Hindi translation.
* Added a Portuguese translation.
* Slightly improved DB error reporting.
* Added the ability to disable comment link checking.
* Fixed a couple of minor bugs that made some of the UI text impossible to translate.
* The plugin's tables are now created with the same character set and collation settings as native WP tables (previously they used the database defaults instead).
* Automatically clean up and optimize the plugin's tables twice per month.
* Instead of displaying a zero response time for timed out links, now it shows how long the plugin waited before assuming that the link has timed out.
* Added the default PHP script execution time limit to the "Debug info" table.
* Added a "Mark as not broken" bulk action.
* Links that make the plugin crash are no longer assumed to be broken.

= 0.9.3 =
* Fixed a JS error that only happened in IE by removing a superfluous comma from an object literal.
* Fixed load limiting not being completely disabled on servers that don't support it.
* Fixed a mishandling of new comments that would occur when CAPTCHA verification was enabled and someone entered an incorrect code.
* Added installation/update logging.
* Fixed a crash that would occur when the user tried to permanently delete a trashed post that has comments.

= 0.9.2 =
* In Tools -> Broken Links, highlight links that have been broken for a long time (off by default).
* Fixed an invalid parameter bug in the HTTP link checking routine.
* Added nofollow to broken links (optional, only works for links in posts).
* Fixed some PHP notices and a bunch of deprecated function calls.
* Fixed "Trash" links for comments.

= 0.9.1 =
* Fixed the "syntax error: unexpected $end" problem caused by a unintentional PHP shorttag.
* Eliminated a bunch of false positives by adding a workaround for buggy servers that incorrectly respond with 404 to HEAD requests.
* Increased the default server load limit to 4.0 to prevent the plugin from idling endlessly on weakling servers.

= 0.9 =
* Masquerade as IE 7 when using the Snoopy library to check links. Should prevent some false positives.
* Fixed relative URL handling (yet again). It'll work this time, honest ;)
* Fixed post titles being displayed incorrectly on multilingual blogs (props Konstanin Zhilenko)
* Misc fixes/comments.
* "Unlink" works properly now.
* Additional source code comments.
* Don't try to display icons in email notifications. It didn't work anyway.
* Use AJAX nonces for additional security.
* General code cleanup.
* Email notifications about broken links.
* "Recheck" bulk action.
* Check comment links.
* Suspend checking if the server is overloaded (on by default).
* Icons for broken links and redirects.
* Fixed some UI glitches.
* "Discard" gone, replaced by "Not broken".
* "Exclude" gone from action links.
* Better handling of false positives.
* FTP, mailto:, javascript: and other links with unsupported protocols now show up in the �All links� list.

= 0.8.1 =
* Updated Italian translation.
* Removed the survey link.

= 0.8 =
* Initial support for performing some action on multiple links at once.
* Added a "Delete sources" bulk action that lets you delete all posts (or blogroll entries) that contain any of the selected links. Doing this in WP 2.9 and up this will instead move the posts to the trash, not delete them permanently.
* New bulk action : Unlink. Removes all selected links from all posts.
* New bulk action : Fix redirects. Analyzes the selected links and replaces any redirects with direct links.
* Added a notice asking the user to take the feedback survey.
* Update the .POT file with new i18n strings.

= 0.7.4 =
* Fixed a minor bug where the plugin would display an incorrect number of links in the "Displaying x-y of z" label when the user moves to a different page of the results.
* Added Ukrainian translation.

= 0.7.3 =
* Reverted to the old access-checking algorithm + some error suppression.

= 0.7.2 =
* Only use the custom access rights detection routine if open\_basedir is set.

= 0.7.1 =
* Updated Russian translation.
* Yet another modification of the algorithm that tries to detect a usable directory for the lockfile.

= 0.7 =
* Added a Search function and the ability to save searches as custom filters
* Added a Spanish translation
* Added a Belorussian translation
* Added an option to add a removed\_link CSS class to unlinked links
* Slight layout changes
* Added localized date display (where applicable)
* The background worker thread that is started up via AJAX will now close the connection almost immediately after it starts running. This will reduce resource usage slightly. May also solve the rare and mysterious slowdown some users have experienced when activating the plugin.
* Updated Italian translation
* Fixed an unlocalized string on the "Broken Links" page

= 0.6.5 =
* Added Russian translation.

= 0.6.4 =
* Added French translation.
* Updated Italian translation.

= 0.6.3 =
* Added a German translation.

= 0.6.2 =
* Added an Italian translation.
* Added a Danish translation.
* Added a Chinese (Simplified) translation.
* Added a Dutch translation.

= 0.6.1 =
* Some translation-related fixes.

= 0.6 =
* Initial localization support.

= 0.5.18 =
* Added a workaround for auto-enclosures. The plugin should now parse the "enclosure" custom field correctly.
* Let people use Enter and Esc as shortcuts for "Save URL" and "Cancel" (respectively) when editing a link.

= 0.5.17 =
* Added a redirect detection workaround for users that have safe\_mode or open\_basedir enabled.

= =
* Be more careful when parsing safe\_mode and open\_basedir settings.

= 0.5.16 =
* Also try the upload directory when looking for places where to put the lockfile.

= 0.5.15 =
* Editing links with relative URLs via the plugin's interface should now work properly. Previously the plugin would just fail silently and behave as if the link was edited, even if it wasn't.

= 0.5.14 =
* Made the timeout value used when checking links user-configurable.
* The plugin will now report an error instead of failing silently when it can't create the necessary database tables.
* Added a table listing assorted debug info to the settings page. Click the small "Show debug info" link to display it.
* Cleaned up some redundant/useless code.

= 0.5.13 =
* Fixed the bug where the plugin would ignore FORCE\_ADMIN\_SSL setting and always use plain HTTP for it's forms and AJAX.

= 0.5.12 =
* Let the user set a custom temporary directory, if the default one is not accessible for some reason.

= 0.5.11 =
* Use absolute paths when loading includes. Apparently using the relative path could cause issues in some server configurations.

= =
* Fix a stupid typo

= 0.5.10 =
* Separated the user-side functions from the admin-side code so that the plugin only loads what's required.
* Changed some internal flags yet again.
* Changed the algorithm for finding the server's temp directory.
* Fixed the URL extraction regexp again; turns out backreferences inside character classes don't work.
* Process shortcodes in URLs.
* If the plugin can't find a usable directory for temporary files, try wp-content.
* Don't remove <pre> tags before parsing the post. Turns out they can actually contain valid links (oops).

= 0.5.9 =
* Added an autogenerated changelog.
* Added a workaround to make this plugin compatible with the SimplePress forum.
* Fixed <pre> block parsing, again.
* Fixed a bug where URLs that only differ in character case would be treated as equivalent.
* Improved the database upgrade routine.

= =
* Added partial proxy support when CURL is available. Proxies will be fully supported in a later version.

= 0.5.8 =
* Fixed links that are currently in the process of being checked showing up in the "Broken links" table.
* The post parser no longer looks for links inside <pre></pre> blocks.

= 0.5.7 =
* Slightly changed the dashboard widget's layout/look as per a user's request.

= 0.5.6 =
* Improved relative URL parsing. The plugin now uses the permalink as the base URL when processing posts.

= 0.5.5 =
* Minor bugfixes
* URLs with spaces (and some other special characters) are now handled better and won't get marked as "broken" all the time.
* Links that contain quote characters are parsed properly.

= 0.5.4 =
* Fixed the uninstaller not deleting DB tables.
* Other uninstallation logic fixes.

= 0.5.3 =
* Improved timeout detection/handling when using Snoopy.
* Set the max download size to 5 KB when using Snoopy.
* Fixed a rare bug where the settings page would redirect to the login screen when saving settings.
* Removed some stale, unused code (some still remains).

= 0.5.2 =
* Fixed a SQL query that had the table prefix hard-coded as "wp\_". This would previously make the plugin detect zero links on sites that have a different table prefix.

= 0.5.1 =
* Fix a bug when the plugin creates a DB table with the wrong prefix.

= 0.5 =
* This is a near-complete rewrite with a lot of new features. 
* See for details.

= 0.4.14 =
* Fix false positives when the URL contains an #anchor

= 0.4.13 =
* (Hopefully) fix join() failure when Snoopy doesn't return any HTTP headers.

= 0.4.12 =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.4.11 =
* Set the Referer header to blog's home address when checking a link. This should help deal with some bot traps.
* I know, I know - there haven't been any major updates for a while. But there will be eventually :)
* Fix SQL error when a post is deleted.

= 0.4.10 =
* Changed required access caps for "Manage -> Broken Links" from manage\_options to edit\_ohers\_posts. This will allow editor users to access that page and it's functions.

= 0.4.9 =
* Link sorting, somewhat experimental.
* JavaScript sorting feature for the broken link list.

= 0.4.8 =
* CURL isn't required anymore. Snoopy is used when CURL isn't available.
* Post title in broken link list is now a link to the post (permalink). Consequently, removed "View" button.
* Added a "Details" link. Clicking it will show/hide more info about the reported link.
* "Unlink" and "Edit" now work for images, too. "Unlink" simply removes the image.
* Database modifications to enable the changes described above.
* Moved the URL checking function from wsblc\_ajax.php to broken-link-checker.php; made it more flexible.
* New and improved (TM) regexps for finding links and images.
* A "Settings" link added to plugin's action links.
* And probably other stuff I forgot!
* Grr :P

= 0.4.7 =
* Minor enhancements : 
* Autoselect link URL after the user clicks "Edit".
* Make sure only HTTP and HTTPS links are checked.
* More substantive improvements will hopefully follow next week.

= 0.4.6 =
* Minor compatibility enhancement in wsblc\_ajax.php - don't load wpdb if it's already loaded.

= 0.4.5 =
* Bugfixes. Nothing more, nothing less.
* Revisions don't get added to the work queue anymore.
* Workaround for rare cURL timeout bug.
* Improved WP 2.6 compatibility.
* Correctly handle URLs containing a single quote '.

= 0.4.4 =
* Consider a HTTP 401 response OK. Such links won't be marked as broken anymore.

= 0.4.3 =
* Fix : Don't check links in revisions, only posts/pages.

= 0.4.2 =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.4.1 =
* Split translated version from the previous code. Was causing weird problems.

= 0.4-i8n =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.4 =
* Added localization support (may be buggy).

= 0.3.9 =
* Fix : Use get\_permalink to get the "View" link. Old behavior was to use the GUID.

= 0.3.8 =
* Edit broken links @ Manage -> Broken Links (experimental)

= 0.3.7 =
* Change: A bit more verbose DB error reporting for the "unlink" feature.

= 0.3.6 =
* Switch from wp\_print\_scripts() to wp\_enqueue\_script()
* Wp\_enqueue\_script()

= 0.3.5 =
* New: "Delete Post" option.
* New: Increase the compatibility number.
* Change: Default options are now handled in the class constructor.

= 0.3.4 =
* Ignore mailto: links
* Ignore links inside <code> blocks

= 0.3.3 =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.3.2 =
* Fix Unlink button not working, some other random fixes

= 0.3.1 =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.3 =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.2.5 =
* Applied a small patch @ 347
* Fix some omissions
* Lots of new features in version 0.3

= 0.2.4 =
* Bigfix - use GET when HEAD fails

= 0.2.3 =
* MySQL 4.0 compatibility + recheck\_all\_posts function

= =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.2.2 =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.2 =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

= 0.1 =
* *There are no release notes for this version*

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 1.4 =
Adds an option to send post authors notifications about broken links in their posts and the the ability to sort links by URL, as well as a number of other updates and fixes.

= =
Fixes a major PHP4 compatibility problem introduced in version 0.9.4 and adds a notification bubble with the current broken link count to the "Broken Links" menu.
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