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msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: Lightbox Gallery\n"
"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-04-28 02:04+0900\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2015-02-16 17:39+0900\n"
"Last-Translator: \n"
"Language-Team: \n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8\n"
"X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e;_c\n"
"X-Poedit-Basepath: ../\n"
"Language: ja_JP\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.6.6\n"
"X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: lightbox-gallery\n"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:229
msgid "Settings"
msgstr "設定"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:244
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:290
msgid "Lightbox Gallery"
msgstr "Lightbox Gallery"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:260
msgid "Options updated."
msgstr "オプションは更新されました。"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:264
msgid "Options deleted."
msgstr "オプションは削除されました。"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:274
msgid "Scripts downloaded."
msgstr "スクリプトがダウンロードされました。"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:276
msgid "Download failed."
msgstr "ダウンロードは失敗しました。"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:297
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:392
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:413
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:426
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:442
msgid "Click to toggle"
msgstr "クリックで切替"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:298
msgid "Lightbox Gallery Options"
msgstr "Lightbox Gallery オプション"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:307
msgid "Choose the gallery loading type"
msgstr "ギャラリー読込タイプを選択してください"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:308
msgid "Colorbox"
msgstr "Colorbox"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:312
msgid "Lightbox"
msgstr "Lightbox"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:317
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Due to the license regulation by the plugin directory, it is impossible to "
"include `jquery.lightbox.js`. Just <a href=\"%s\" target=\"_blank"
"\">download</a> the lightbox script and put `jquery.lightbox.js` into `/"
msgstr ""
"プラグインディレクトリのライセンス規制のため、`jquery.lightbox.js` を含めるこ"
"とができなくなりました。lightbox のスクリプトを<a href=\"%s\" target=\"_blank"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:323
msgid "Highslide JS"
msgstr "Highslide JS"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:325
#, php-format
msgid ""
"Caution: Highslide JS is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-"
"NonCommercial 2.5 License. You need the author's permission to use Highslide "
"JS on commercial websites. <a href=\"%s\" target=\"_blank\">Please look at "
"the author's website.</a>"
msgstr ""
"注意: Highslide JSは、Creative Commons 表示-非営利 2.5 一般のライセンスで"
"す。Highslide JSを商用ウェブサイトで使用するには著作者の許可が必要です。<a "
"href=\"%s\" target=\"_blank\">著作者のウェブサイトをご覧ください。</a>"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:331
#, php-format
msgid ""
"You can change the lightbox view to the highslide. Just <a href=\"%s\" "
"target=\"_blank\">download</a> the highslide script and put `highslide.js` "
"into `/lightbox-gallery/js/`."
msgstr ""
"Lightbox の表示を highslide に変更できます。highslide のスクリプトを<a href="
"\"%s\" target=\"_blank\">ダウンロード</a>し、`highslide.js`を`/lightbox-"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:339
msgid ""
"In case that you would like to use the lightbox in certain categories (comma-"
msgstr "特定のカテゴリーでLightboxを使用したい場合(カンマ区切り)"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:343
msgid ""
"In case that you would like to use the lightbox in certain pages (comma-"
msgstr "特定のページでLightboxを使用したい場合(カンマ区切り)"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:347
msgid "Enforce loading the lightbox gallery scripts"
msgstr "lightbox galleryスクリプトの読み込みを強制する"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:348
msgid "The lightbox gallery scripts are loaded in every page"
msgstr "lightbox galleryスクリプトはすべてのページで読み込まれます"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:351
msgid "Add rel=&quot;lightbox&quot; automatically in the post insert"
msgstr "投稿挿入時に自動的に rel=&quot;lightbox&quot; を追加する"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:352
msgid "Do not forget to check the script enforcement option above with this"
msgstr "上記のスクリプト強制読込オプションも忘れずにチェックしてください"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:355
msgid "In case that you would like to disable to load the lightbox-gallery.css"
msgstr "lightbox-gallery.cssの読み込みを禁止する場合"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:356
msgid "Do not use the lightbox-gallery.css"
msgstr "lightbox-gallery.cssを使用しない"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:359
msgid "In case that you would like to disable to load the column inline css"
msgstr "カラムのインラインcssの読み込みを禁止する場合"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:360
msgid "Do not use the column inline css"
msgstr "カラムのインラインcssを使用しない"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:363
msgid "In case that you would like to set the default number of columns"
msgstr "デフォルトのカラム数をセットする場合"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:367
msgid "In case that you would like to set the default thumbnail size"
msgstr "デフォルトのサムネイルサイズをセットする場合"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:371
msgid "In case that you would like to set the default lightbox size"
msgstr "デフォルトのlightboxサイズをセットする場合"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:378
msgid "Choose the script loading point"
msgstr "スクリプトの読込ポイントを選択してください"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:379
msgid "Header"
msgstr "ヘッダー"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:380
msgid "Footer"
msgstr "フッター"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:383
msgid "Update Options &raquo;"
msgstr "オプションを更新する &raquo;"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:393
msgid "Delete Options"
msgstr "オプションを削除する"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:395
msgid "Are you sure to delete options? Options you set will be deleted."
msgstr "本当にオプションを削除しますか?設定したオプションは削除されます。"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:399
msgid "Delete Options &raquo;"
msgstr "オプションを削除する &raquo;"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:414
msgid "Script Auto Download"
msgstr "スクリプト自動ダウンロード"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:416
msgid ""
"Just push the button and `jquery.lightbox.js` and `highslide.js` will be "
"downloaded automatically."
msgstr ""
"このボタンを押すだけで、`jquery.lightbox.js` と `highslide.js` を自動的にダウ"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:418
msgid "Download Scripts &raquo;"
msgstr "スクリプトダウンロード &raquo;"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:427
msgid "Donation"
msgstr "寄付"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:429
msgid ""
"If you liked this plugin, please make a donation via paypal! Any amount is "
"welcome. Your support is much appreciated."
msgstr ""
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:443
msgid "CMS x WP"
msgstr "CMS×WP"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:445
msgid ""
"There are much more plugins which are useful for developing business "
"websites such as membership sites or ec sites. You could totally treat "
"WordPress as CMS by use of CMS x WP plugins."
msgstr ""
"ん。CMS×WPのプラグインで WordPress が CMS として大いに活躍します。"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:446
msgid "WordPress plugin sales site: CMS x WP"
msgstr "WordPress のプラグイン販売サイト CMS×WP"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:520
msgid "Pages:"
msgstr "ページ:"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:522
msgid "Next page"
msgstr "次のページ"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:523
msgid "Previous page"
msgstr "前のページ"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:615
msgid "camera"
msgstr "機種"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:617
msgid "aperture"
msgstr "絞り値"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:619
msgid "focal_length"
msgstr "焦点距離"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:621
msgid "ISO"
msgstr "ISO"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:625
msgid "shutter_speed"
msgstr "シャッタースピード"
#: lightbox-gallery/lightbox-gallery.php:628
msgid "created_timestamp"
msgstr "撮影日時"
#~ msgid ""
#~ "In case that you would like to disable to load the jquery.lightbox.css"
#~ msgstr "jquery.lightbox.cssの読み込みを禁止する場合"
#~ msgid "Do not use the jquery.lightbox.css"
#~ msgstr "jquery.lightbox.cssを使用しない"
#~ msgid ""
#~ "In case that you would like to disable to load the jquery.tooltip.css"
#~ msgstr "jquery.tooltip.cssの読み込みを禁止する場合"
#~ msgid "Do not use the jquery.tooltip.css"
#~ msgstr "jquery.tooltip.cssを使用しない"