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Plugin Name: Raw HTML
Plugin URI:
Description: Lets you enter any HTML/JS/CSS in your posts without WP changing it, as well as disable automatic formatting on a per-post basis. <strong>Usage:</strong> Wrap your code in [raw]...[/raw] tags. To avoid problems, only edit posts that contain raw code in HTML mode. <strong><a href="">Upgrade to Pro</a></strong> to be able to use Visual editor on the same posts without it messing up the code.
Version: 1.4.8
Author: Janis Elsts
Author URI:
Created by Janis Elsts (email :
Licensed under the LGPL.
require 'include/tag-handler.php';
require 'include/formatting-override.php';
if ( is_admin() && file_exists(dirname(__FILE__).'/editor-plugin/init.php') ){
require dirname(__FILE__) . '/editor-plugin/init.php';