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Email Module For Kohana 3.x

Factory-based email class. This class is a simple wrapper around Swiftmailer.


Create new messages using the Email::factory($subject, $message) method. Add recipients, add sender, send message:

$email = Email::factory('Hello, World', 'This is my body, it is nice.')
    ->from('', 'My Name')

You can also add HTML to your message:

$email->message('<p>This is <em>my</em> body, it is <strong>nice</strong>.</p>', 'text/html');

Additional recipients can be added using the to(), cc(), and bcc() methods.

Additional senders can be added using the from() and reply_to() methods. If multiple sender addresses are specified, you need to set the actual sender of the message using the sender() method. Set the bounce recipient by using the return_path() method.

To access and modify the Swiftmailer message directly, use the raw_message() method.


Configuration is stored in config/email.php. Options are dependant upon transport method used. Consult the Swiftmailer documentation for options available to each transport.

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