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## 1.2
- Updated to split header/footer scripts into separate files.
- Now supports scripts enqueued after head (will concatenate into footer file)
- Integrates better with native WordPress enqueuing system so that script dependencies are no longer rewritten.
- Handles "bookmark" scripts with an enqueued handle, but no source.
- Automatically concatenates "changed" and new scripts into files, concatenation filenames are unique to both handle and request URL.
- Required for WordPress 3.6
## 1.1.9
- Add filters to script file headers
## 1.1.8
- Further updated to properly handle "data" values in quotes due to inconsistency in PHP regex versus standard.
## 1.1.7
- Further updated regex around "data:" values in url in CSS. Improved documentation of these regular expressions.
## 1.1.6
- Updated to allow data: values in url in stylesheet.
## 1.1.4
- Set up to ignore request protocol string in comparison
## 1.1.3
- Updated concatenation to always append file content with ";\n" to prevent concatenation errors
## 1.1.2
- Changed comparison of src attributes on scripts and styles to be case insensitive.