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A plugin that concatenates and optimizes CSS and JS requested through enqueue scripts.
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# CF Asset Optimizer Readme

## Server Requirements
- PHP 5.2 or later with multibyte string package installed.
- Server must be capable of making http requests to itself.

## Installation
- Install the plugin in the WordPress plugins directory
- Activate the plugin.
- Go to the settings page. Activate any asset optimizers / minifiers desired. Activate one cache manager.
- Ensure that wp-content is writeable by the web user, or that wp-content/cfao-cache exists and is writeable by the web user if you are using the CF File Cache cache manager.
- Request a page. The Asset Optimizer should automatically include all possible local JS/CSS files and minify them using simple whitespace minification. (Assuming CF Asset Optimizers and CF Asset Minifiers were used)
- Verify concatenation files were set up instead of the usual CSS/JS enqueues.
- Go to the configuration pages for the asset optimizers, double-check that the results are as you'd expect.

## FAQ
- Why aren't my assets being concatenated?
 - Ensure that the optimizers are enabled and review their settings to determine whether it had an error concatenating assets.
 - Ensure that you have a cache manager activated.
 - If you are using the CF File Cache Manager, ensure that the wp-content/cfao-cache directory exists and is writeable.
- Why aren't my assets being minified?
 - (Using CF Minifiers) Ensure that you updated all the plugin's submodules, as it does maintain the php minify library as a submodule.
 - Ensure that you have a minifier active for that asset type.
 - Ensure that your assets are set to be minified (if you have the option to "Preserve" the asset, then it is minified.)
 - Ensure that you meet any requirements for the minifier you are using. Check your error log for further details.
- What if I want to use a different optimizer, minifier, or cache manager than those that come with your plugin?
 - The plugin includes an interface to register your own modules. Either use modules someone else has made or write your own, register them with the plugin, and then activate them on your site as you please.
- I'm using the CF WordPress Object Cache integration plugin. Why are my concatenated files returning 404?
 - Ensure that you have no custom .htaccess rules blocking the URLs given.
 - Ensure you're using a persistent caching plugin of some variety with object cache enabled. If you are not, then the cache is lost at the end of the original page request, and cannot be served via an additional request.
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