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# Carrington Core Changelog
## 3.3
- Implemented support for feed-{post context} templates in content/ and excerpt/ dirs
- Refactor options display
- Add utility function to return template instead of echoing
- Converted Carrington Settings pages to utilize the WordPress Settings API
- Remove compatibility functions, no longer supporting versions of WordPress that old
- Misc. changes to support new WP APIs and best practices
## 3.1
- Updated some variable names
- Support for custom taxonomies within the general context
- Implemented checked and selected functions for options
- E_NOTICE clean
- Added PHP doc blocks
- Support for post formats in the single context
- Added support for custom post type archive pages in general context
- Relies on features in WordPress 3.1
## 3.0.1
- Added nonces to settings page
- Made title of settings page filterable
- Made menu item title filterable
- Support custom post types in AJAX archives
- Version # now tied to WP release # (this version, 3.0.1, released during WP 3.0)
## 3.0
- Added support for custom post types (WordPress 3.0)
- Support for child themes (including adding templates and plugins in child themes that do not exist in the parent theme)
- Allow custom functions to be filtered into the Single and Comment template selection process (already supported in General context selection)
- Make the posts_per_page setting work as intended (only on initial query)
- Support for nesting templates inside sub-directories in misc/ and forms/
- Removed use of deprecated function `get_the_author_ID`. Replaced with 2.8 `get_the_author_meta` (since 2.8.0). Users of versions of WordPress prior to 2.8.0 should be aware this change will cause problems for them.
- Define required Carrington settings in a more forgiving way, making it easier to use just part of Carrington on a site when desired
- Make gallery settings (implemented in CSS) specific to each gallery
- home.php is now only used in is_home() situations, not is_front_page() (reverses feature requested and added in v. 2.5)
- Added changelog
## 2.5
- added CFCT_CORE_VERSION constant
- added support for is_front_page() as 'home' in General context
- added a filter in cfct_files() so that a plugin can declaritively set the files available for performance reasons (eliminates file system lookups)
## 2.4
- update included Thickbox script to support jQuery 1.2.6 (remove @ syntax for attributes)
- allow filtered in functions to participate in template selection for General context
## 2.3
- updated copied Gallery functions
- workaround for pages needing some vars set in global $wp_query
- add is_sticky() function for compatibility
- pass directory name along with filename to cfct_choose_general_template filter
- pass type along with filename to cfct_choose_content_template filter
- don't choose "page" content type unless there are no matches from cfct_choose_single_template()
## 2.2.1
- only output CSS for the admin on the Carrington settings page
- fake "in_the_loop" for AJAX load of post content
## 2.2
- add a check for comment/ping.php before returning
## 2.1
- add a cfct_get_custom_colors() function to core
## 2.0
- add color picker
- add gallery support
- add hooks to admin forms
- additional internationalization
- add header image form
- properly exclude private posts from AJX load
- restructure code/files
- add compatibility file
- add threaded comment support
- add single-* support to General context
## 1.3
- first tagged core version
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