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Some post formats not implemented #5

blogan opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Brent Logan Alex King
Brent Logan

The WordPress codex lists some post formats:

Of these, wp-post-formats doesn't appear to implement:

  1. asides
  2. audio
  3. chat

It would seem now is the perfect time to develop the standard.

Alex King

Do you have suggestions for how these should be handled?

Brent Logan

In my opinion:

Asides should be handled like statuses: a post with no title.
Audio should be handled like video: add a custom field for a URL to the audio file.
Chat ??? I have no idea. I only mentioned it because it's mentioned in the Codex. I've never seen chants posted.

Alex King

If Asides need titles in single post pages, we probably need to show the title.

Brent Logan

Would that also apply to Statuses, or do Statuses not get displayed in single post pages?

Alex King

Statuses have single views, but not titles.

I've implemented initial support for other formats (includes audio embed field), please open future tickets for discussion on a specific format.

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