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Facebook "share" #23

dabrisz opened this Issue · 12 comments

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dabrisz Andrew Ellis Alex King Kipp Chambers Jonathan Johnson

When posting to facebook the "share" feature is not available on posts, just "like" and "comment" appear. Is this an intended result or is there something we are doing wrong in the installation of the plug-in?

Andrew Ellis

There is already an issue open for Facebook shares: #22

We are currently using the Graph API, and shares are not implemented on the Graph API. We are planning on using Open Graph, but that has yet to be reviewed.


Andrew Ellis ellisthedev closed this
Alex King alexkingorg reopened this
Alex King

I think this is a different issue - isn't this saying that our broadcast cannot be "shared"?


That is correct. When the post is broadcast it doesn't give the option to share the Facebook comment.

Alex King

As far as I can tell, this is how Facebook currently treats all status posts.

Andrew Ellis

I am unable to reproduce actually. I just broadcasted a post to Facebook and this is what I see on Facebook:

Then after sharing the status:

Alex King alexkingorg was assigned
Alex King

Facebook seems to be in flux on this... recommend taking no action at this time.

Alex King

Closing this out.

Kipp Chambers

I'd be interested in re-opening this one. It seems that when something is posted via Social to a Facebook page, rather than an individual account, the Share button doesn't appear:

Alex King

If you can figure out what Social is doing "wrong" or what it should be doing differently, please post accordingly.

Jonathan Johnson

I can confirm this comparing posts made directly on facebook containing a link, and the posts coming from social.

Looks like there is a different endpoint link to send "link" posts too.

This enables the "share" action on the resulting feed post.

Looks like the endpoint would need to be switched here...

based on isset($args['link'])

Jonathan Johnson jondavidjohn reopened this
Alex King

Cool, let's fix it!

Kipp Chambers

Thanks for digging through & finding that, Jon!

Jonathan Johnson jondavidjohn closed this issue from a commit
Jonathan Johnson jondavidjohn Fixes #23
Merge branch 'feature/facebook-share-link-23' into develop
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