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Social 2.5 facebook not sending image #88

thefrosty opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Saving a post with image uploaded and set as featured, that image shows in the broadcast preview page but never get sent with the actual post on facebook.. Will try a screen capture to show..


Traced this down to the actual request being made to

    [sslverify] => 
    [body] => Array
            [api] => feed
            [method] => POST
            [public_key] => XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
            [params] => {"link":"http:\/\/\/?post_type=post&p=488","title":"Facebook image post","description":"sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf","picture":"http:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2012\/06\/R2D21.jpg","message":"Facebook image post:   sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf","access_token":"XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","page_id":"XXXXXXXXX"}


@thefrosty This seems to be working now. Possible for you to test?


Feel free to re-open if you test on develop and see it is still giving you issues, for now I've confirmed it works as expected.


Installed latest version, haven't had a chance to test.


Finally tested latest version but still no image being sent.

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